LIJIANG Glass Laminated Glass Production Line consists of semi-automatic loading table, glass washing and drying machine, film positioning conveyor, walking suction cup hanger, electric pvb film rack, transition conveying table, pre-pressing preheating machine, infrared autoclave, gas storage tank , air compressor (including refrigerated dryer, three-stage filter) and other components. LIJIANG Glass Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line has reasonable layout and low power consumption, and can be customized according to customer requirements. PLC+touch screen is used to automatically control the operation.

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 Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line

Brief Introduction

1) This set of production lines consists of a semi-automatic loading table, glass washing and drying machine, film positioning conveyor, walking suction cup hanger, electric pvb film rack, transition conveying table, pre-pressing preheating machine, infrared autoclave, gas storage tank, air compressor (including a refrigerated dryer, three-stage filter) and other components.

2) The whole set of equipment has a reasonable layout and low power consumption and can be customized according to customer requirements. PLC+touch screen is used to automatically control the operation.

3) The whole line is about 45 meters long.

Figure 1 The Jinan LIJIANG laminated glass production line

Figure 1  LIJIANG Glass automatic laminated glass production line

Complete furnace forced convection:

The circulation formed by the convection fan is completely carried out in the furnace body, without heat loss due to convection, and the energy-saving effect is good;

Specially designed convection fan, the high-temperature performance is more stable and reliable, and the convection effect is excellent; the fan itself is air-cooled;

The advanced design of the convection circulation structure and the reasonable selection of materials ensure that the heating speed of the glass is faster and more uniform;

The operation speed of the convection fan is controlled by the frequency converter and given by the computer so that the upper and lower surfaces of the glass are heated uniformly, which greatly improves the product quality;

Stronger processing ability and higher efficiency, in addition to processing all kinds of ordinary glass, it is especially suitable for processing Low-E glass;

The interior of the furnace is made of high-quality materials, which effectively controls the generation of various particulates and the resulting impact on the quality of the glass;

Using industrial computers and PLC control, the whole machine has a high degree of automation, good stability, simple operation, and high production efficiency.

The motorized PVB glass film transport rack

This Motorized PVB Glass Film Transport Rack is supporting equipment for the production of laminated glass, the purpose is to meet the requirements of large-scale production and reduce the labor intensity of operators. 

Main features: A suction cup frame is installed on the upper part of the conveying roller table in the glass lamination room, and corresponding positioning switches are installed on the rack roller table and the conveying roller table. When the front piece of glass is sent to the positioning switch, the glass stops, the glass is sucked and lifted by the suction cup frame, and the second piece of glass is transported to the positioning switch. When the glass stops, the suction cup frame is smoothly lowered to overlap the two pieces of glass, thus completing the synthesis craft. It can hold 3 rolls of film, and the motor rotates, so that the laminated glass manufacturer saves the labor cost of a glass handling operator.

Figure 2 The motorized PVB glass Film Transport RackFigure 2 The motorized PVB glass Film Transport Rack

The heating and cooling of the glass in the furnace are controlled by the frequency conversion speed control system, with high precision and good synchronization, to avoid scratches on the glass during the movement.

The heating method adopts a spiral matrix structure, and the furnace temperature is controlled in different areas; the heating elements are finely divided, with reasonable design, unique structure, and long service life, which ensures the accuracy of temperature control and the balance of the temperature of each part in the furnace, so that the temperature control can be optimal. condition.

Temperature measurement adopts distributed remote thermocouple temperature measurement module, which has the strong anti-interference ability and high-temperature measurement accuracy; the on-off of furnace wire is controlled by board card and solid-state relay, with stable and reliable performance and no noise.

The heating furnace is designed with an automatic temperature homogenization device, which can be adjusted according to different specifications and varieties to ensure the uniformity of glass heating. Glass products are flatter, higher in quality, and suitable for tempering more types of glass, such as coated glass and heat-reflecting glass.

The fully enclosed heating furnace body adopts imported high-quality thermal insulation materials, with good thermal insulation performance and low production energy consumption.

No. 2: Main Components And Accessories:

This model of laminated glass machine is mainly consisted of the following Five parts:

2.1:PLC control system

(PLC Control Cabinet)

(electric elements)

(Siemens Touch screen)

1.Siemens touchable screen, all the needed data(temperature,time,timing,vacuum degree

etc) can be set ,the programming system is highly matched with all the functions,one button

control ,easy to operate,the processing status can be monitored in real time .

2.Siemens PLC control module ,with memory function , the parameters can be stored and

recalled, which is more convenient for processing .

3.Heating time & temperature & vacuum degree could be preset according to the glass

thickness and type. Working status could be shown on touch screen.

4.With restart memory function. if the power is suddenly off during the processing ,after

restart,the processing status before power off and the power-off time will be shown on the

screen,the processing could be continue as direction.

5.With reminding function:fault detection reminding, Vacuum pump maintenance reminding,

pressure relief alarm reminding,complete the processing reminding ,etc.

6.Automatic door opening function.after the finishing the processing ,the heating system will

turn off,and the vacuum is going on ,the door will also open automatically,by this way ,the

finished glass will cool down under vacuum circumstances,to avoid the bubbles appear in the

edge area.

7.Equipped with 3 sets of SCR, which can adjust and stable the electric current during the

entire processing .All electrical appliances adopt Siemens and durable famous brand. There isFANGDING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD


also lightning protection function. These functions keep the machine more stable

performance, longer service life, and save your electricity.

8.There is a cooling fan in control cabinet, With automatic cooling function, ensure the

cabinet below 35℃, prolong the service life of electrical appliances.

9.Tripping function are equipped,if the limit high temperature is over 180℃. the furnace will

automatically cut off the main current loop and stop heating .which can effectively protect

the furnace under special circumstances.

2.2:Heating system

(Two Heating chambers)

(Ni-Cr Stainless heating tubes)

1.The whole frame of the heating chambers are made of 8-10mm thick high-strength

galvanized angle steel welded by protection of CO2 gas. The surface is electrostatically

sprayed and the inner and outer layers are filled with high-density integrated insulation

material. Hydraulic system to control the door open and close easily.The whole equipment is

elegant in appearance, reasonable in structure, sturdy and durable.

2.Heating tubes are evenly distributed in the heating chamber up and down, like underfloor

heating,and equipped with circulating fan motor at the rear,strong convection circulation

makes heating temperature more uniform.

3.Adopt five segments temperature control,prevent overheating during the processing which

makes the heating more precisely.

4.Equipped with temperature sensing device,modular area heating control,upper and lower

heating is separately controlled, intelligent temperature adjustment,temperature difference

is within ±(


(For example:when the temperature of A2 is 80 ℃and the temperature of A1 is 77℃, A2 will

stop heating; when the temperature of A1 reaches 80 ℃ , A2 and A1 will be heated at theFANGDING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD


same time, so that the temperature in the furnace is relatively uniform), Area B, same


5. Temperature control system has self-adjustment function,during the temperature is up to

the stable status,it could realize more evenly heating through this function ,which is more

energy-saving.this is a patent function.

6. the heating-insulation system adopts seamless welding,minimize the passage of

heat.Compared with other similar machines in markets,it saves electricity more than

(30-40)% ,with longer service life.

7. All the heater wires are connected outside of the furnace, this can effectively avoid the

wring aging caused by inside high heating temperature. In this way, the installation step has

been simplified. Maintenance and replacement of the line become the

meanwhile,greatly improve its service life .

8.Equipped with 2 Circulating Fan Motors at the back of the furnace,which can blow the hot

air to every corners in the furnace,the heating will be more evenly and fast .FANGDING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD


2.3:Vacuum system with two parts

Part 1:Vacuum pump.

1. Wind-cooling type vacuum pump, self-developed patent product , working stable.

It could continuously work for 24 hours.

2.With vacuum pressure retaining function,equipped a buffer tank with each pump ,during

the suddenly power-off,the vacuum degree could hold for a long time,guarantee the

production yield.

3.Vacuum degree could be segmented set,which can avoid overflow glue at the glass edges.

4.Each silicone bag with one vacuum pipe and one vacuum gauge,individually control,

vacuum degree can be monitored in real time,any air leaking circumstance will be shown on

the PLC screen ,If the vacuum degree has been dropping at an irregular rate for more than 4

minutes,and alarm to remind you to handle with it,all of these designs are our exclusive


5. The maintenance time can be set on PLC ,such as 150 hours, if the pump working time

exceed the set time, it will remind you to change the pump oil( It also depends on different

processing cycles).

6. Equipped water vapor separation device with air filter and oil filter, it can separate the

water/ air and water/oil to longer the service life of the pump.

(kindly noted :The vacuum pump uses VG100 oil )

7. The vacuum pumps cabinet and electrical elements cabinet are separated, by this way ,it

could reduce the damage to the electrical elements caused by the vibration of the vacuum

pump; improve the service life of those spare parts.

8. There has a cooling fan inside of the cabinet, setting a temperature (such as 30 ℃) as

basic value on PLC, if the temperature exceed it, the fan will work automatically.FANGDING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD


Part 2:Silicone bags &Teflon mesh.

Silicone sealing strip edges

Teflon meshes

1.The thickness of the bag is 3 mm, it’s a tear resistant material, and could stand high

temperature to 180°C. Quality guarantee period keeps at least 4 years in normal condition.

Each silicon bag can lay glass around 36cm thickness, it improves processing efficiency.

Compared with the similar suppliers, their bags only can be used for 1.5 year ,because of the

poor tear resistant material in it.

2.Equipped with two pieces of Teflon Mesh for each silicon bag, through this way ,not only

can protect Silicone Bag from being cut by glass, but also make sure high vacuum rate during



2.4:Cooling System

Cooling frame

Turbo fans

1.The cooling system is consisted with a holder frame which can load three trays at the same

time and three turbo cooling fans at the rear area.

2.Automatic sensing the glass loading trays ,once the glass tray is pushed in,the cooling fan

will run automatically ,you could preset the cooling time on touch screen,after cooling time is

over ,the tricolour light will alarm to remind you.

(the finished glass is cooling down more faster, the transparency it will be better. )

2.5:Automatic lifting platform

1.Unique design ,elevator type glass lifting platform,one button positioning to each

level,improve the working efficiency.

2.The bearing force is higher,full loaded glass has no rebound and deformation,more heavier

loading capacity.

3.A latch lock device is added between the tray and lifting platform,to ensure the trays won’t sliding down during the operating,more convenient and safe.

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