Agency and Distributors Policy

As an international company with excellent products and services, we offer our customers added value in the form of automatic glass processing machine solutions.

Recruitment Agents & Distributors Speech 
Dear business partner,

As the solution supplier for insulating glass processing machine, LIJIANG Glass, are happy to share with you our new distributor program so that you could sell our products more easily and better. The combination of your marketing expertise and our company's high-quality products makes us a successful combination. In this new reseller program, you will find the most important product sales tools and learn more about how to benefit from our business partnership.

Our listed sales incentives and unique selling points can help you provide a solid argument when selling our insulating glass equipment product line. The sales tools provided by our company will include distributor sales guides, application manuals, product series manuals, product leaflets, price lists, e-commerce websites, selection guides, platform advertising support, page advertising, Google advertising, indoor display materials (for display showrooms, events or exhibitions), outdoor advertising, animation loops, product podiums, work clothes, uniform and gifts, partner business schools, joint events, exhibitions support, and seminars, etc., could effectively ensure the exponential increase in your product sales and increase in sales profits.

Our company's insulating glass production line equipment R & D, production, and sales team hope that this dealer plan will have an immediate effect on you. Our company wishes you all the best in terms of sales and business development.

Product Series Brochure

Product Series Brochure

LIJIANG Glass actively provides market data analysis for various types of customers. The insulating glass global marketing data includes local glass sales analysis in various countries around the world, insulating glass market distribution, import and export data summary, and glass deep processing industry situation summary, providing high-quality glass deep processing practitioners Business data reference.

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Sales Data Analysis

Sales Data Analysis

LIJIANG Glass actively provides market data analysis for various types of customers. The insulating glass global marketing data includes local glass sales analysis in various countries around the world, insulating glass market distribution, import and export data summary, and glass deep processing industry situation summary, providing high-quality glass deep processing practitioners Business data reference.

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Exhibitions & Business Meetings

Exhibitions & Business Meetings

LIJIANG Glass will provide professional exhibition guidance and suggestions for agents, distributors, and other local sales networks. After becoming our company's regional agent, we will send a salesperson with many years of business experience and many years of after-sales service experience at each exhibition. Of technical personnel assisted in the exhibition, providing technical guidance and business support.

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Worker Clothes Design

Product Brochure Design

Product Single Page Design

Enterprise Overall VI Design

Podium VI Design

Outdoor Advertising Design

Online Promotion Design

Mobile Promotion Design

Based on years of industry experience in glass deep processing and supply chain management integration, we will provide the above business information to drive you to take action to make changes...


1. Increase category:

Such as cost increase, inventory increase, customer complaints, production defect rate, employee turnover, returns, etc...


2. Declining category:

Decrease in sales volume, gross profit, market share, service, production capacity, number of customers, cargo turnover rate, etc...


3. Potential opportunities:

Missed glass processing market opportunities, new glass producing market trends failed to seize the opportunity, etc...


4. What must be implemented:

Government decrees stipulate that certain products must be upgraded or eliminated; Update of environmental standards and production standards, industry standards revisions lead to the need to order new equipment, etc. …


5. Others must be considered:

The cooperative relationship between the two parties has deteriorated, the current equipment does not meet the requirements, and the current product line is not competitive enough; new Supplier Balancing Pinning down major suppliers to gain bargaining chips, etc...


6. Business data analysis support:

More business models such as SWOT analysis, 5W1H analysis, PEST analysis, Boston matrix, Porter's five forces model, OGSM principles, etc. to assist you in the implementation of strategies and the formulation of goals

 More Various Payment Methods

Could provide agents with payment support for OA 60 days or DP 90 days LC 120 days or more, and provide accounting period assistance for your cash flow.

The Famous Golden SupplierThe Famous Golden Supplier

10 years of opreation experience in cooperation with large European and American famous glass processing manufacturers, who could be the Schott / AGS's Golden Supplier.

The Highest Manufacturer Qualification RateThe Highest Manufacturer Qualification Rate

The Manufacturer Qualification Rate of the insulating glass equipment could be controlled at 97%. (The automation glass machine industry average is 90%)

The Highest Quality Standards InspectionThe Highest Quality Standards Inspection

More than 30 QA Team or QC Team with more than 3 years of relevant experience in the glass processing industry, striclty carry out the inspection and quality inspection of incoming materials, pre-production and in-production.

Sourcing Automatic Equipments and Solution from LIJIANG Glass  
  • For Brand Owners 
As an experienced automatic glass equipment manufacturer in China, we have worked with different businesses taking their ideas from conception to fulfilling their desired glass processing solutions. We walk the journey with you to ensure that we help you better define what you want and realize your brand’s perfect glass processing solutions.

  • For Manufacturers & Suppliers 
Our in-house modern production plant allows us to offer great quality options to appeal to your target customers. As an automatic glass machine manufacturer or supplier, you can trust that our streamlined manufacturing processes are here to provide you with the best outsourcing services and glass machines in the market.

  • For Wholesalers 
Being one of the most equipped machining manufacturing companies, we offer the best quality glass machinery at a significantly low cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to also extend great prices to your customers.
3 steps of cost reduction in supply chain management: The negotiation 
  • Cost reduction potential: 10% - Negotiation

The negotiation level mainly focuses on integrating demand, integrating suppliers, and centralized procurement to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs. Of course, in addition to economies of scale, negotiations also have some basis for cost reduction, such as the trend of increasing production efficiency year by year, the existence of a learning curve, the rewards the purchaser deserves for helping suppliers continue to improve, and the pressure on end customers to reduce prices, etc. LIJIANG Glass aims at the multi-level and multi-faceted automated processing needs of glass deep processing practitioners, reducing the complexity of the supply side and increasing the scale efficiency of the supply side to improve the production efficiency of glass automation equipment assembly.
3 steps of cost reduction in supply chain management: The process improvement 
  • Cost reduction potential: 20% -The process improvement 

Process improvement mainly refers to improvements in production processes and transaction processes. In the production process, we can use modularization, standardization, lean production (referring to a standardized production management specification that is infinitely close to "zero" waste and "zero" inventory), Six Sigma, and other methods to optimize; the transaction process needs to rely on advanced Improve the information-based e-commerce system and artificially optimized stable business relationships (factors such as unstable short-term relationships and high risks will lead to increased costs). LIJIANG Glass adopts a small-group production management system. Responsibilities and production tasks are assigned layer by layer by team leaders, squad leaders, and assembly workers. It also uses an advanced ERP production management system to digitize production costs and visualize the production process.
3 steps of cost reduction in supply chain management: The design optimization  
  • Cost reduction potential: 70% - The design optimization 

R&D costs account for a large proportion of the total cost. If you want to reduce costs, you need the supplier's process feedback on the purchaser's product design. Suppliers are required to intervene and collaborate early in the design phase to integrate supplier capabilities (such as process knowledge advantages in material selection, technical specifications, and tolerance levels) to make up for the designers' shortcomings in production processes, from product The design is optimized, thereby reducing costs. Of course, to achieve the above goals, on the one hand, procurement needs to have certain technical and management capabilities to link R&D personnel and suppliers; on the other hand, it is necessary to clarify business relationships with suppliers, achieve trust and long-term cooperation, and make them willing to collaborate. LIJIANG Glass is willing to work with agents and dealers in various regions around the world to help optimize your inquiries and bidding and procurement project operations for glass deep processing equipment users and deepen the cooperative relationship.

Special Sales Authorization and Prices

Support distributors to apply for opening a distributor account under our company to obtain our company's sales authorization and special discounted prices; our company will allocate local marketing expenses to distributors and provide necessary equipment sales and after-sales services maintenance training.

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Establish Your Own Brands

Support the production of Stick Labels including but not limited to the company name, address, telephone number, email address, website, etc. to promote equipment sales; and encourage powerful distributors to establish their own brands or Private Labels. Expand the product line from different positionings from high-end, mid-range to low-end.

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Establish Your Own Distribution System

The flexible formulation includes but is not limited to exclusive distribution agreements or non-exclusive distribution agreements, maintaining the balance between maximum competition and minimum brand friction in equipment sales, and helping distributors to establish their own product distribution system.

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Flexible Price Protection Policy

Flexible price protection policy, according to the distributor's business model, role in the supply chain, sales channels of its products, how to promote and sell them in the local market, what are the main customer groups, and what is the most concerned about in the cooperation process, targeted price protection and policy support.

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Build a Suitable Sales System

Build a suitable sales system for those wholesale distributors or retail distributosrs, assist distributors to complete the pre-signed performance amount on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and share warehouse rental costs, after-sales personnel service costs, and marketing promotion costs in proportion to their sales.

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Develop Your Own Sales Market

With a huge base of linked customers, and rich experience in market expansion in the upstream and downstream of the circulation chain, there will be no Green Hand behavior and with a deep understanding of Marketing Rules, you can safely develop your own sales market.

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