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The correct operation steps of the glass cutting machine

The correct operation steps of the glass cutting machine

When we use a automatic glass cutting machine, we must check the glass to be cut in advance. As for the appearance of the glass, we cannot have the appearance of white spots and scratches. Only after the most basic conditions are qualified can mass production be carried out. When measuring, the front row should be the measurement object, and a full inspection should be done if necessary.

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What is the performance characteristics of automatic glass cutting machine

What is the performance characteristics of automatic glass cutting machine

How many features and advantages does the automatic glass cutting machine have, as should know as a senior practitioner in the glass processing industry, simply disassemble the entire glass cutting equipment, and analyze the performance characteristics of the glass cutting machinery from the perspective of mechanical, electrical and PLC control systems...

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How to choose the automatic glass cutting machine equipment?

How to choose the automatic glass cutting machine equipment?

With the development of the glass market in some developing countries, automated glass machinery and equipment have also developed. Among them, glass cutting machines have gradually matured, and there are countless manufacturers. As a glass production enterprise, how should we choose the glass cutting equipment that suits us?

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If you're purchasing a new automatic glass cutting machine in today's marketplace, you'll find similar products everywhere. Whether you're a novice or an expert, it's hard to pick the best one for your business. You'll have to compare similar features and costs, purchase around for the best price, and know how to deal with the transaction. Here are four easy-to-follow steps a buyer would take to purchase a new glass processing machine.

Automatic Glass Cutting Loading Table

LIJIANG Glass - Type: LJ-SP-6133
Automatic Glass Cutting Loading Table
It is mainly used for automatic glass loading. After putting the glass in the designated position and giving the signal of loading, the big arm turns up about 95 degrees through the overturning mechanism, and the whole machine starts to move forward. When the induction device on the small arm touches the glass, the whole machine stops walking and the glass is sucked by the suction cup through the vacuum system on the glass,small arm lifting motor lifts the glass upward and backward about 80 mm. The walking motor retreats and the big arm falls down. When the bring arm is in place, the suction cup under the glass begins to blow. When the small arm falls down, the glass falls on the conveyor wheel. Finally, the glass is conveyed to the cutting table by the conveyor wheel.

Fully automatic glass feeding, cutting and breaking connection lineFully automatic glass feeding, cutting and breaking connection line 
The whole working process can be accomplished by PLC automatic control or manual control. The manual mode is mainly suitable for equipment adjustment and maintenance.

Each action can be completed independently or can be used for normal work.After giving the loading signal (manual and automatic), the arm turns upward about 95 degrees through the overturning mechanism, and the whole machine starts to move forward.

When the induction device on the arm touches the glass, the whole machine stops walking.The vacuum system works, the glass is sucked by the sucker through vacuum systems. When the vacuum pressure reaches the set pressure, the vacuum pump stops. The sucker's telescopic connecting rod mechanism lifts the glass back and up 80 mm through the arm-lifting motor.

Stopping for about 1.5 seconds to make sure the glass is sucked up, the big arm driven by a motor to reverse the glass to the transmission roller. The suction cup under the glass begins to blow, and the telescopic connecting rod mechanism makes the suction cup and the glass fall at the same time.

When the glass falls on the conveyor roller, the small arm continues to fall, the glass is separated from the suction cup, and the conveyor starts to send the glass sheet to the front end of the loading machine and stop at the signal point.Then the whole frame moves automatically to find the zero position and stops.

Waiting for the signal from the cutting table, the glass can be sent to the cutting table at the same speed as the conveyor belt on the cutting machine. After the glass is sent out,automatically repeat the work cycle. The machine can select any position according to the required glass thickness.
  1. Sheet size: Min size: 2400*1500 mm (Single Side loading)
  2. Max loading size: 6100* 3300 mm
  3. Glass sheet thickness: 3 ~ 19 mm
  4. Working absorption depth: 700 mm
  5. X-axis walking speed: 5-25 m/min (adjustable)
  6. Y-axis walking speed: 8-12 m/min (adjustable)
  7. Conveying speed: 5-25 m/min (adjustable)
  8. Number of flip arms: 12 arms (double side loading)
  9. Number of single arm suckers: Three
  10. Loading type: Double side loading
  11. Working cycle: 60 S (30 S for each additional position)
  12. Installation power supply: AC 380V/50Hz (special circumstances can be adjusted according to customer requirements)
  13. Installation total power: 8-17 kw
  14. Compressed air: 0.6-0.8 Mpa;
  15. Vacuum: -50-99 Kpa (adjustable according to glass thickness)
  16. Working table height: 900 + 20 mm
  17. Machine size: 4650*2980*900 mm
  • The alarm system: with reliable vacuum detection device, to appear abnormal situation can be automatic alarm and display, can be used to control when abnormal and confirmed The vacuum alarm when abnormal and guarantee under the glass in the vacuum state; When the emergency stop to ensure the vacuum suction cups in a glass in the vacuum state, avoid Avoid glass damage due to abnormal downtime;
  • The operation pattern: the device has automatic mode and manual mode two functions for selection, operation convenient and intuitive;
  • The operating interface: LCD touch-screen display, Chinese display, convenient operation;
  • The main frame, and steel structure all use international quality rectangular pipe compound links and bolt assembly; Rectangular steel tube thickness: over 3-8 mm;
  • The material of the machine has been aged, the surface has been rust-removing technology to remove rust spots and surface oxide layer, the bottom layer has been sprayed with high-grade epoxy primer, and the surface has been sprayed with high-gre automobile paint.

Fully automatic glass feeding, cutting and breaking connection lineFully automatic glass feeding, cutting and breaking connection line 
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Fully Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

LIJIANG Glass - Type: LJ-CNC-6133(G type)
Fully Automatic Glass Cutting Machine
It's working principle is to convey the cut glass by conveying belt to worktable, automatically input the position of glass through photoelectric scanning system, and then the cutting head with diamond wheel on the cutter holder moves along X and Y directions respectively by program control, cuc the sheet. CNC motion controller is used in the control part of the machine, and advanced AC servo motor is used in the drive part.

  1. The chassis material is welded and formed by the national standard manganese-containing section bridge steel (Q345A) after aging treatment. The comprehensive mechanical properties, plasticity and welding properties of this kind of steel are good. The frame is processed as a whole, and the stability and accuracy of the equipment are greatly improved by tempering aging treatment to ensure the stability of the product. After special rust removal process, the surface rust spots and oxide layer are removed. The top coat is sprayed with high-grade epoxy primer and the top coat is sprayed with high-grade automobile paint.
  2. Through the analysis of professional structure software, the equipment ensures the stability, dynamic balance, mechanical strength to achieve the most perfect match, and ensures that the structure of the table is not deformed.
  3. The device has one key reset function. It can complete all the preparations before starting automatically by clicking on the touch screen, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
  4. Reasonable arrangement of integral cables and gas pipes and complete sealing
  5. High-speed silent linear guide is adopted for guide rail, which has high cutting accuracy and low noise.
  6. Advanced Japanese Ankawa servo motor is used in the driving part, which makes the equipment reliable, error small and efficient.
  7. Japanese SMC proportional solenoid valve is used for cutting rice. The pressure is automatically adjusted according to the glass thickness. The cutter head rotates 360 degrees, and the upper and lower buffering cutter cuts (any straight line and all kinds of special shaped glass can be cut accurately).
  8. The knife head is equipped with knife protection function. If the knife head falls outside the glass or the glass gap, the program stops automatically, effectively preventing damage to parts and glass.
  9. Double motor high speed drive (large inertia Yaskawa servo) ensures cutting speed and fluency;
  10. Conveyor device, synchronous automatic transmission device, convenient for glass upper and lower transmission, frequency conversion speed regulation, stable and easy to optimize the transmission speed;
  11. Positioning device, photoelectric scanning positioning system;
  12. Compensation function, tool eccentricity compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation.

  1. Max size: 6100×3300 mm
  2. Thickness: 3~19 mm
  3. Cutting accuracy: ±0.30
  4. Cutting accuracy of special-shaped glass: ±0.35
  5. Cutting speed: 0-200 m/min
  6. Conveying speed: 0-25 m/min
  7. Machine size:6800×4100×1500 mm
  8. Working table height: 900 mm±20 mm
  9. Weight: 2600 kg
  10. Total power of equipment:9-15 kw
Software part:

Motion Controller:

  1. Fast running speed, smooth running, high control accuracy, modular controller structure;
  2. The man-machine interface is simple and generous, the parameter adjustment is simple, the parameters that need to be modified by operators are less, simple and intuitive, and the requirements for operators are low.
  3. Pipeline cutting mode, photoelectric positioning cutting mode and direct cutting mode are set freely through options. The automatic cutting mode and air operation mode can be switched at any time during the processing.
  4. Graphic library nesting programming, select special-shaped from the library, set relevant parameters, processing quantity, automatic nesting, generating processing trajectory;
  5. Complete storage of glass pressure stock, once the cutting pressure of each specification thickness is input and saved, it can be directly invoked;
  6. Real-time tracking and displaying of processing path, timely recording of motion coordinates, axis state, I/0 state, automatic recording of fault diagnosis and alarm;
  7. Receive a variety of processing documents, accept the standard G code of Optima, Super Package Software, AUTOCAD DXF file, the system has its own graphics editing software (exactly the same as Paul's editing method);
  8. Graphic library nesting programming, selecting abnormal shape from the library, setting relevant parameters, processing quantity, automatic nesting, generating processing trajectory;
  9. The sorting function of DXF class files, including the nearest point, entry point, or by graphics color clockwise, counterclockwise sorting and other options. Free the switch between single-phase cutting and bidirectional cutting is realized.
  10. Photoelectric positioning function, according to the actual position and deflection angle, automatically adjust cutting;
  11. Compensation function: tool eccentricity compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation;
  12. All kinds of protection: including soft and hard limit, cutter pressure limit, external emergency stop control and so on.

Optimization software:

  1. Importable optimization results done in the Office
  2. Cutting scheme can be manually created and edited
  3. With copy and mobile functions
  4. Manual editing of cutting sequence
  5. The cutting scheme can be quickly created by X, Y and Z modes.
  6. Simultaneous optimization of multiple original and small patches
  7. Optimized typesetting without size limitation
  8. Optimized Result Rotation, Mirror Management, etc.
  9. Priority management for small size cutting optimization
  10. Priority management of original glass sheet optimization
  11. Template Scanning Function and Scanning Graphics Processing
  12. Original glass sheet storage Management
  13. 20 efficient optimization algorithms
  14. Cutting graphics can be edited
  15. Label Design and Label Printing(Label-WAY)
  16. Clear Printing of Optimized Result Report
  17. Excel Data File Import
  18. Low-E Glass and Adhesive Glass Cutting Management
  19. A graphics library containing 350 parametric graphics, including all the commonly used graphics types (Geo-Way)
  20. Two-Dimensional CAD System with Abnormal Scanning Processing Function (Cad-Way)
  21. Automatically converting digital signals from CNC systems into graphical forming points
  22. There are many language choices for the software operation interface, including the Chinese interface.
  23. Follow up the latest international software development, provide upgraded versions in real time, and achieve the latest functional requirements for customers
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Automatic Air-floated Glass Breaking Table

LIJIANG Glass - Type: LJ-BP-6133 (3+1 type)
LJ-BP-6133 Automatic Air-floated Glass Breaking Table
Electrical part:

、Contactors: Renmin/Zhengtai
、Circuit Breaker: Renmin/Zhengtai
、Button: Renmin/Zhengtai
、Main solenoid valve: Airtac
、Other Pneumatic Components: Deke/Shengguan

Mechanical part;

、Working table: Waterproof High Density Plate
、Table: Imported industrial felt (black)
、Breaking bar: solid wood (natural color)

Note: Depending on the delivery date and technical improvement, the production company reserves the right to replace the purchased parts of the same brand.

  • Pre-washing Function;
  • Automatically accurate positioning for 3 side step DGUs or 4 side step IGUs;
  • Automatic argon-gas filling could set gas value and display the process of filing online with high gas concentration.
  1. Breaking bar: 3+1 type
  2. Table Size: 6300*3500 mm
  3. Glass thickness:3-19 mm
  4. Power: 8 kw
  5. Table height: 900 + 20 mm

Design Sketches

Automatic Air-floated Glass Breaking TableAutomatic Air-floated Glass Breaking Table Connection Line
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    • Phone: +86-531-15610162880
    • Address: Block B 1307, Green Square, Huayin District, Jinan, China (Map)
    • Additional Information: Block B 1307, Green Square, Huayin District, Jinan, China
    The line realizes the functions of full-automatic loading,conveying, automatic cutting machine and air-floated breaking.
    Operator: Upload: 0 people (full-automatic stage without personnel operation);
    Cutting: 1 person (knows basic computer operation, has glass cutting experience);
    Fragmentation: 2 persons (with glass braking experience)

    Benefits & Feature:

    A. No special requirements for operators, simple operation and easy management;
    B. Safe, efficient and fully automatic mounting table effectively ensures the safety of operation and prevents glass from breaking. The fully automatic conveying device reduces the workload of operators.
    C. High cutting accuracy, good stability, can meet all kinds of production needs, effectively guarantee the processing quality of the later process and reduce the processing difficulty;
    D. High IQ cutting machine optimization software can greatly improve glass utilization rate and reduce production costs. Powerful gallery can ensure that equipment can cut various shapes of glass to meet the cutting requirements of various orders.
    E. The automatic oil injection and pressure adjustment function of the cutting machine can effectively ensure the stability and cutting effect than others automatic glass cutting machine.


    Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Solution

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    • Glass cutting speed decreases or glass cutting diagonal changes
    Reason: It may be caused by the timing belt being too loose or the tightness on both sides being inconsistent.

    Troubleshooting method:
    (1) Open the cover of both sides of the panel;
    (2) Loosen the tension sleeves on both sides;
    (3) Adjust the tightness of the timing belts on both sides to be consistent.

    • After the cutting line is removed, the glass cannot be cut through and cannot be broken.
    Reason: It may be caused by the wrong angle of the cutter wheel or too small knife pressure.

    Troubleshooting methods: 
    (1) Adjust the angle of the cutter wheel;
    (2) Replace the appropriate cutter wheel.

    • Cutting line glass cutting edge exposed edge
    Reason: It may be that the oil is not injected or the cutting pressure is too high.

    Troubleshooting methods: 
    (1) Inject lubricating oil;
    (2) Reduce the knife pressure.

    • The set cutting size becomes larger or smaller than the actual machine operating size.

    Troubleshooting method: Adjust the settings of the cutting machine driver.

    • No floating function

    Reason: The air path may be blocked, the fan is damaged or the air source triplex is blocked.

    Troubleshooting methods:
    (1) Clear the air path and triple components;
    (2) Replace the fan.

    • After the operation panel is set, the cutting head cannot automatically return to the mechanical origin.

    Reason: It may be that the proximity switch for returning to the mechanical origin is damaged.

    Troubleshooting method: Replace the origin switch.

    • No positive or negative limit

    Reason: The positive and negative limit switches are damaged.

    Troubleshooting method: Replace the limit switch with a new one.

    • The computer cannot find the board (hardware)

    Reason: Usually caused by poor contact with the board.

    Troubleshooting method: Remove the board card from the PCI slot and reinsert it tightly.

    • Servo overvoltage alarm

    It is caused by the wrong connection between the servo motor power supply and the ground wire. Just correct the wrong wire connection.

    • Encoder communication protection

    The encoder address book wire is weakly welded or broken, just re-solder the encoder wire.

    • The servo motor vibrates too much

    Reason: The fasteners are loose or the motor is too rigid.

    Troubleshooting methods:
    (1) Adjust the tightness of the rotating parts;
    (2) Reduce the rigidity of the servo motor.

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    Manual glass-cutting machine

    The manual glass cutting machine is the most traditional glass cutting machine. The entire machine consists of two parts: a glass conveyor belt and a cutting table. By operating the conveyor belt manually, the glass to be cut is transported to the cutting table for cutting with a blade. The advantage of this cutting machine is that it can cut relatively small pieces of special-shaped glass and process the glass into different shapes. The disadvantage is that cutting the glass into a unique shape requires a special mold, and the manual operation itself is time-consuming and labor-intensive, making mass production impossible.

    Semi-automatic glass cutting machine

    This kind of glass cutting machine is roughly the same as a manual cutting machine, but a semi-automatic button operation device is added to the cutting machine. Although it is still mainly used to cut special-shaped glass, and special molds need to be made in advance according to the shape of the glass, the size of the glass that can be processed is larger than that of a manual cutting machine. And because it uses pneumatic plus motor kinetic energy during cutting, it saves a lot of manpower, so the production efficiency is much higher than that of manual cutting machines.

    Fully automatic glass cutting machine

    This glass cutting machine is a step further than semi-automatic glass cutting machines. It consists of a chassis mechanism, a beam mechanism, a glass processing tabletop, a cutter head mechanism, a conveying mechanism, a mechanical positioning mechanism, an electrical control system, etc., and has a complex structure.

    Its processing method is controlled by the computer software equipped with the machine, which directly draws and then performs the operation. In this way, you can set in advance whether to make square, round, or special-shaped glass through the computer, without making a mold in advance.

    The most advanced form of this kind of cutting machine is the production line model. In addition to the film-loading table, computer cutting machine, and film-breaking machine, this model also has a film-unloading table. The whole process of the assembly line is computer-controlled, with a high degree of automation, and is suitable for long periods. It can handle large quantities of glass products and is easy to maintain.

    When cutting with a fully automatic glass cutting machine, typesetting is required first, and then cutting, film removal, and other processes can be carried out. Not only is it required to discharge as many pieces as possible that meet the required shape on the original glass sheet to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, but it is also required that the typesetting operation is simple and easy to use. Mechanical interactive typesetting is the most commonly used and convenient way for operators to type and cut according to the work order on site.

    Water jet glass cutting machine

    This kind of glass cutting machine also operates fully automatically through computer control. But unlike traditional blade cutting, it uses high-pressure water cutting technology, mainly for thicker glass products. Various complex patterns are formed through computer numerical control. This cutting machine performs cold cutting without producing thermal deformation or thermal effects. It can ensure smooth incision and can be completed in one go without the need for secondary operations. Due to these advantages, it can also perform complex operations of drilling glass.

    1. Before cutting, fill the fuel tank on the cutting table beam with clean kerosene or cutting aid, and then adjust the corresponding angle on the fuel tank so that the linoleum in the knife box is filled with kerosene or cutting aid.

    2. Check that there are no white spots or scratches on the appearance of the glass to be cut.

    3. Push the longitudinal beam, and then push the cross beam after returning to its position to prevent collision with each other.

    4. Before starting the machine, check whether there is air leakage in the machine pipeline. If there is air leakage, never start the machine.

    5. Turn on the power switch and check whether there are any obstacles on the working surface and guide rails. If there are any obstacles, they must be removed.

    6. Two people lift the glass to be cut to the cutting table, making sure it is firmly attached to prevent shaking. Before lifting the glass, you must confirm that there are no cracks in the glass itself to avoid the phenomenon of automatic separation of the glass during lifting.

    7. Press the blow button to make the glass float on the table and move freely.

    8. After the glass is positioned, press the stop button, and then press the suction device to firmly fix the glass at the designated position to achieve the positioning effect.

    9. When the cutting is completed, press the stop button and then press the air blow switch.

    10. When the whole piece of glass that has been cut is moved to the breaking table, turn on the blowing motor of the breaking table before moving. Only after the first piece is confirmed to be qualified can it be mass-produced. When measuring, the first row horizontally and vertically is used as the measurement object, and a full inspection is performed if necessary.

    11. Divide the dough into small pieces horizontally and vertically according to the knife marks, and place the remaining material in the designated position. Stack the broken pieces of glass neatly and place them on the glass shelf.

    12. Before shutting down, close all air valves and vent the remaining gas in the air circuit. If a backfire is found in the pipeline, the power and gas must be cut off immediately.

    13. Use a rag to clean the glass fragments on the cutting table and breaking table.

    Wouldn't it be more helpful and relevant for both novices and professionals to hear real-life customers experience what it's like to purchase and operate an automatic glass machine from us? We think so, which is why we've collected tons of real feedback to help provide insight into the transparency of our unique buying process. LIJIANG Glass guarantees that all customer reviews are genuine reviews from people who have purchased and used our products or services.

     No issues putting it together. Starts easily. Cuts extremely well. My first task with this machine was to cut the pieces of glasses, and it cut much better than the industrial units I am used to. I should mention that this automatic glass cutting machine does NOT require you to touch the work to start the cutting with CNC controller which makes it VERY easy to use. A great cutter for glass processing at a great price. 

    Derek Christian
    From Canada, Posted on Oct 02, 2022

     I was wary of purchasing a Chinese-made glass cutter off the internet, but the reviews convinced me to give it a try. Got this unit in 28 days. No trouble in assembly and parameter setting. I've tried it to cut glass plates for kitchenware and gotten the cleanest cuts. It's a powerful all-in-one machine for both loading and cutting. No regrets with the buying of this great automatic glass cutting machine. 

    Edward Stratton
    From Canada, Posted on Jul 28, 2022

     The sheets and pieces glass cutting machine came in good condition. So far I've only used a handful of times, but not disappointed. It works great. I don't know why I didn't get this cutting equipment sooner. It cuts through 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch pieces glasses like butter. Smooth edges are difficult to achieve with glass cutter. Make sure to buy the extra accessories you needed when you make an order. 

    Hayden Berry
    From Aus, Posted on May 05, 2022
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