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More Details of Automatic Equipment

Automatic Insulated Glass Desiccant Filling Machine

Basic Working Principle

  • Adopts the Germany Siemens PLC control system, stable performance;
  • Automatically drilling, filling and sealing;
  • The machine height could be adjusted according to the size of aluminum spacer or stainless steel spacer;
  • Automatically loading and replenish molecular sieve;
  • Advanced feeding device designed according to the principle of gas flow;
  • Adopts industrial plastic spraying treatment of all aluminum frames;
  • Core parts adopts famous imported brand. 

Detailed Working Steps

LJGZ2020D Insulated Glass Desiccant Filling Machine

  • Using big plastic barrel, save feeding time and improve efficiency;
  • Protection device for machine head
  • Filling shaped aluminum spacer or stainless steel spacer
  • could filling the large particle molecular sieve which the sizes are 1.0~1.5 mm

LJGZ2020X Insulated Glass Desiccant Filling Machine

  • With the guide rail lifting device
  • The head is stable when working
  • With large spacer auxiliary function

LJGZ2020S Insulated Glass Desiccant Filling Machine

  • Two filling stations could work at the same time of improve work efficiency;
  • Two station could realize different combinations of ordinary filling, special-shaped filling and large particle filling. (optional)

Technical Parameter

Max. Frame Size2000 mm*2000 mm
Min. Frame Size300 mm*250 mm
Aluminum Specification5.5~26.5 mm
Air Pressure≥ 0.65 MPa
VoltageAC 220V 50Hz
Molecular Sieve Diameter Needed0.5~0.9 mm(Could be customized 1.0~1.5 mm)
Dimension(L*W*H)1400*1200*3600 mm
Weight3000 kg

Technical Description