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LJZW2020 / LJZW2020N Automatic Insulated Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine

Basic Working Principle

  • Adopts the servo control feeding system, the size of aluminum spacers could be adjusted with an accuracy of 0.1 mm/m;
  • CNC Bending angle control system with adjustable accuracy of 0.1°;
  • Sets up four groups of aluminum spacers and stainless steel spacers storage units;
  • Aluminum spacer bars with multiple sizes could be selected at will;
  • Automatically adjust the bending speed according to the size of the aluminum spacer or stainless steel spacer to avoid the deformation of the large spacer and ensure the high speed and continuity of the small frame;
  • Automatic continuous connection of spacer, cutting spacer, avoidance of spacer joint;
  • No material prompt, sleep prompt, fault prompt, work prompt, unreasonable data refuse processing and prompt support arc-shaped aluminum spacer and special shaped aluminum spacer bending;
  • USB function, which could read EXCEL directly;

Detailed Working Steps

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Technical Parameter

Max. Bending Size1800*2000 mm (in once)/ 2500*4000 mm(in twice)
Min. Bending Size150*300 mm
Aluminum Spacer Width
5.5-26.5 mm
Spacers Racks4
Spacer Size Error±0.5 mm
Angle Error±1°
Conveying Speed1250 mm/s
Air Pressure≥0.65 MPa
Voltage380  50Hz 3P
Total Power2.5 Kw
Dimension(L*W*H)10500 mm*2200 mm*2600 mm
Weight1580 kg

Technical Description

LJZW2020 Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending MachineLJZW2020 Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine
LJZW2020A Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending MachineLJZW2020A Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine