More Details of Automatic Equipment

LJBZ2030GF Automatic Vertical Insulated Air-floating Glass Production Line

Basic Working Principle

  • Air-floating back plate, to avoid the wheel scraching the glass and leaving wheel marks; 
  • Two pieces of IGUs or DGUs could be pressed and filled gas in once time, high work efficiency; 
  • Argon-gas filling in pressing, automatic filling the glass in different areas according to the size of glass; 
  • Germany Siemens PLC control system, touch screen interface for finger touch operating; 
  • Automatic identification of coated glass and Low-E glass;
  • 3 pairs of soft brushes could wash online Low-E glass and offline Low-E glass;
  • The washing parts adopt SS material and waterproof device;
  • Water tank with automatic temperature control and water washing system;
  • Air heating system;
  • Air Fan automatic start and stop setting;
  • Noise reduction system;
  • Online display of washing speed;
  • Intelligent intermittent work, saving-energy;
  • Adjustable external rotary positioning system of DGUs or IGUs;
  • Connection mode of aviation plug;

Detailed Working Steps

  • ERP system is optional.

Technical Parameter

380V 50Hz 3P
Total PowerKw4144.558
Washing Speed
Maximum Working Sppedm/min45
Minimum Glass Sizemm450*280
Maximum Glass Sizemm2000*3000
2000*3500(Secondary tableting)
2500*4000(Secondary tableting)
2500*5000 (Secondary tablet pressing and auxiliary suction cup mechanism)
Flat Glass Thicknessmm3·15(can be customized 3~30)
Washing Brushespieces6
Maximum Thickness of insulated glass mm60
Total Gas ConsumptionL/min1200
Conveyer Roll Heightmm520
Dimension L*W*Hmm20200*3500*320023800*3500*370027200*3500*3700

Technical Description

The Layout Diagram of Vertical Insulated Glass Air-floating Production Line