More Details of Automatic Equipment

Basic Working Principle

Regular Function

  • Germany SIemens PLC control system, touch screen interface to finger touch operating;
  • Automatic identification of coated glass and Low-E glass;
  • 3 pairs of soft brushes could wash online Low-E glass and offline Low-E glass;
  • Water tank with automatic temperature control and water washing system;
  • Air heating system;
  • Air Fan automatic start and stop setting;
  • Noise reduction system;
  • Online display of washing speed;
  • Intelligent intermittent work, saving-energy;
  • Adjustable pressing board to keep the plate pressing surface straight;
  • Connection mode of aviation plug
  • Applicable to produce triple IGUs and shaped IGUs.

Optional Function

  • Pre-washing Function;
  • Automatically accurate positioning for 3 side step DGUs or 4 side step IGUs;
  • Automatic argon-gas filling could set gas value and display the process of filing online with high gas concentration.

Detailed Working Steps

The comparison of two design structures of  large-panel insulated glass production lines

For example, the maximum size of insulating glass required for a construction project is 3m*6m.

① The equipment structure

Extended size equipment + Inside combination technology + Two plate-pressing sections + Online argon-gas filling function

Each section of the production line needs to be designed and extended to the maximum size of the large-panel insulating glass, and the equipment size of all processing sections except the vertical glass washing and drying machine is upgraded to more than 6m. At the same time, the plate pressing section is made into two sections, and the processing method of combining the plates inside the plate is adapted to meet the requirement that the maximum length reaches 6m.

1. It can realize the one-time plate press molding of large plate insulating glass, and complete the argon filling function at one time, without the need for multiple processing operations;
2. It can realize simultaneous pressing and inflating of two pieces of insulating glass to improve production efficiency.

1. The production line occupies a large workshop area;
2. The price is relatively high.

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②The equipment structure: 

Normal size equipment + Outside combination technology + Only one plate-pressing sections + Offline argon-gas filling function

It using the method of outside combination sheet + single plate press, it is necessary to combine two pieces of 3m*6m glass together outside the plate press, and the glass enters the plate press two or more times Pressing for the second time, and then manually inflating to complete the processing of insulating glass.

1. The equipment of the second structure is about 4 meters shorter than the double-plate press of the first structure, and the floor space is smaller.
2. The price is relatively lower than LIJIANG Glass LJBZ3370 Automatic Jumbo Size Insulating Glass Production Line.

1. The length of the plate press is not enough, it needs to be pressed twice or more times, which will cause uneven pressing of the first sealant butyl rubber coating and affect the sealing effect of the glass.
2. There is no way to fill the glass with argon gas online. The only way is to move the glass offline to punch holes and then manually inflate the gas. Manual inflation takes a long time, and it is difficult to meet the standard requirements of a gas content.
3. During the processing of large glass plates, multiple pressings are required, and the production efficiency will also be reduced.

Technical Parameter

         Unit                                               LJBZ3370
Voltage380V 50Hz 3P
Total PowerKw54.5
Washing Speedm/min2~10
Maximum Working Speedm/min45
Minimum Glass Sizemm450*280
Maximum Glass Sizemm3300*7000(Single-Press Mode)
3000*3000(Double-Press Mode)
Flat Glass Thicknessmm3~30
Washing Brushespieces6
Maximum Thickness of Insulated Glassmm80
Total Gas ConsumptionL/min1500
Conveyer Roll Heightmm520

Technical Description

The Layout Diagram of Jumbo Size Double Plate Pressing Argon-gas Filling Insulated Glass Production Line