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LIJIANG Glass has gradually refined the core values of "equality, pragmatism, passion, and innovation" as it grows.
Business Profile - LIJIANG Glass Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   

LIJIANG Glass carries 1,000+ Automatic Insulating Glass Processing Machines by local agents distribution channels around the world and offers 2,000+ Automatic Insulating Glass Whole Factory Planning Solutions from new beginner glass deep processing practitioners.

Company Profiles 
LIJIANG Glass Automation Equipment Co,.Ltd. is engaged in the design, scientific research, development, production, and sales of automatic insulated glass processing machine. Since the 2010's, the company has become a well-known enterprise in the domestic glass deep-processing field and a leader of China Insulating Glass Producing Machine Production Base over 10+ years of development and accumulation.
Company Profiles 
LIJIANG Glass Automation Equipment Co,.Ltd. is committed to offering equipment and services for modern transportation, becoming a responsible enterprise for great development, being down to earth to forge a famous brand trusted by customers, and returning the society and the staff. Sincerely welcome customers from all walks of life at home and abroad for great development together.
The New Factory was Officially to Use
The new factory in LIJIANG Glass covers an area of 20,000 square meters and currently employs more than 100 workshop assembly workers and technicians.

LIJIANG Glass also established another independent international trading company called Kation International Trading Company, which company could supplier more double glazing processing accessories and more glass producing machine for your reference...

The company's product management and sales system adopt advanced ERP and CRM management software to establish an efficient, accurate, united, and orderly technicians team.
More Advanced Production Concept 
LIJIANG Glass has global advanced production technology from raw material processing to finishing, machine testing and debugging, and which company could provide the CNC machining solutions for domestic and foreign customers.

Adehning to the corperate tenent of precsion manafacturing and high-quality glass products from LIJIANG Glass,

LIJIANG Glass also have choosen internationally renowned brands, such as Siemens or OMRON from Gemary and Japan are our main suppliers.


In 2016, LIJIANG Glass won the title of Jinan City Golden Seed Enterprise and government subsidy by virture of the first automatic insulating glass sealing robot machine with 6 axis independently developed.



In 2018, LIJIANG Glass won the title of national high-tech enterprise. During this period, we cooperated with many famous universities and the 53 Research Insitute of the Ministry of ordnance industry to develop high-tech products.



In 2020, LIJIANG Glass won the title of Intellectual property advantage enterprise.



In 2021, LIJIANG Glass have been selected as a "Specialized and New Enterprises" in Jinan City Shandong Province, and won the "Jinan City Gazelie Enterprise", "Shandong Province Gazelie Enterprise", “Shandong Province Unicorn Enterprise”, “Enterprise Science and Technology Association”, "Jinan Export Workstation", "Special Fund for Industrial Support and Development" and other awards.



In 2022, LIJIANG Glass won the title of "Gazelie Enterprise of Shandong Province", and started the R&D and production of warehousing connection, Jumbo Size Servo Controlled Double Panel Pressing System with Argon-gas Filling and Automatic Secondary Sealing Insulating Glass Production Line passed the evaluation of the first set project in Jinan City.


How to find the best automatic glass machine supplier?

QUALITY: The practitioners of searching an exceptional supplier is the standard of their high-quality machines isn't just about durability and design; it's about how simple, intelligent and efficient. VARIETY: The top supplier doesn't just offer pieces of products, they offer solutions. We do understand that each establishment has unique needs and offer a diverse portfolio. INNOVATION: The best suppliers are not just followers of trends; they are the trendsetters. We're always seeking innovative designs and technologies to enhance our products, constantly staying ahead of the curve. SERVICE: The top suppliers understand that they're not just in the business of selling kinds of glass processing machine; they're in the business of building relantionships. We offer impeccable service, ensuring a seamless experience from the first inquiry to the post-sales support.

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As industry leading brand LIJIANG Glass, we always provide the automatic glass production solution with the best user experience.

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The SWOT analysis concludes comprehensive evaluation and analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and then adjusts corporate resources and corporate strategies to achieve corporate goals. LIJIANG Glass uses this method to conduct a comprehensive, systematic and accurate study of the situation in which LIJIANG Glass is located, and then formulate corresponding development strategies, plans and countermeasures based on the research results.

Combine Strengths Opportunity Strategies (SO)

The intersection of strengths and opportunities is a key indicator of what a company needs to focus on to be successful. It shows areas of overlap between a company's internal strengths and opportunities external to the market. So, SO strategy is the way to develop a strong competitive advantage.

LIJIANG Glass has strong brand awareness and customer loyalty, and it has unique insights and development capabilities in equipment product design, and aesthetics. Combining these factors (internal advantages of the business) with the increasing popularity of home improvement insulating glass doors and windows, glass curtain wall buildings (good market opportunity) is what led to the launch of the first Automatic Jumbo Size Double Argon-gas Filling Insulating Glass Production Line.

Strategies that Combine Strengths Threats (ST)

When the enterprise has certain advantages, but there are factors that pose a threat to the enterprise in the external market, which limits the use of these advantages. So, the purpose of a classification strategy is to take advantage of what can be exploited to bypass threats posed in the environment.

Some of the strengths of LIJIANG Glass are its customizable device product design capabilities and strong brand loyalty, which are earned with consumers. It uses these advantages to promote the use of its professional automated production lines in the home decoration glass market and curtain wall glass market. However, LIJIANG Glass is facing threats in some markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. By making proper use of its advantages in product design and brand loyalty, a considerable number of glass deep-processing enterprises will continue to choose to purchase insulating glass production

Combining Weaknesses Opportunities (WO)

The company has some weaknesses in this area, but it happens that there are viable opportunities in the market that require expertise in this area. Strategies in this category are those that focus on addressing organizational weaknesses to exploit opportunities.

Compared to other competitors, LIJIANG Glass has a relatively small product portfolio, which is one of its few weaknesses (although this may be debatable). When new opportunities arise in the market in the form of the latest trends, LIJIANG Glass is not always the quickest to take advantage of it. However, LIJIANG Glass has still made good use of the WO strategy in its commercial success. Large-format glazed buildings started gaining traction in 2016 and represent a strong market opportunity. Competitors such as Lisec/Forel/Bystronic(Glaston) launched automated production line equipment in this field in the next few years and achieved good returns. Subsequently, LIJIANG Glass overcame its own shortcomings, entered this market with its production line in 2020, and achieved success.

Combining Weakness Threat Tactics (WT)

Threat strategies are designed to minimize the impact on the company while overcoming the negative impact of internal vulnerabilities. As you know, these tactics are usually defensive. They seek to protect the company from competition.

Since LIJIANG Glass launched the automatic glass film sorting and storage system in 2020, although the series of products has been upgraded many times over the years, they have not achieved commercial success. Its weakness is mainly limited in function and interconnection, and the degree of automatic connection is not high. Introducing and launching a set of ERP+MES information management systems belonging to LIJIANG Glass is a WT strategy to promote glass deep processing enterprises to realize digital management of all automatic equipment as soon as possible. This is because it in part helps companies reduce their vulnerabilities and overcome growing threats.

 Increase Category

Such as the cost increase, inventory increase, customer complaints, production defect rate, employee turnover, returns, etc...

 Declining Category

decrease in sales volume, gross profit, marketing share, after-sale service, production capacity, number of customers, cargo turnover rate, etc...

 Potential Opportunities

Missed glass deep-processing market opportunities, new glass producing market trends failed to seize more business chances, etc...

 What must be implemented

Government decrees stipulate that certain products must be upgraded or eliminated, environmental standards, factory production standards update, industry standards revisions lead to the need to order new equipment, etc...

 Others that must be considered

The current supplier's price is too high, the delivery time is not on time, and the quality does not meet the requirements; the cooperative relationship between the two parties has deteriorated, the current equipment does not meet the requirements, etc...

 Business Data and Models Analysis

Support business models such as SWOT analysis, 5W1H analysis, PEST analysis, Boston matrix, Porter's five forces model, OGSM principles, etc, to assist you in the inplementation of strategies and the formulation of goals.

Targeted development of products adapted to the local market, building overseas warehouses and supply chains, and launching brand marketing activities adapted to local consumers, LIJIANG Glass has gradually formed its own overseas marketing strategy.

What kind of brand image does LIJIANG Glass want to show to the world?
Interviewer: What kind of brand image does LIJIANG Glass want to show to the world?

Mr. Han: In the process of global independent brand creation, LIJIANG Glass has established a brand image of "internationalization, high-end, green, and responsible".

As a global brand, LIJIANG Glass, with a global vision and adhering to the trinity localization layout, serves more than 1,000 glass deep processing manufacturers around the world and is committed to becoming a mainstream glass automation equipment and industry solution brand in many countries.

LIJIANG Glass creates intelligent and leading high-quality products with continuous R&D investment and technological innovation, and customizes high-end life solutions for users.

Finally, LIJIANG Glass pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, is committed to reducing environmental pollution in the production process, and launches energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon products to help users achieve green life.
Could you please briefly introduce LIJIANG Glass's performance in different overseas markets?
Interviewer: According to LIJIANG Glass's semi-annual report, LIJIANG Glass's overseas revenue increased by 30% in the first half of this year. Behind the data, could you please briefly introduce LIJIANG Glass's performance in different overseas markets?

Mr. Han: LIJIANG Glass has performed very well in many overseas markets. Among them,

in India, LIJIANG Glass has served the top three local high-speed rail glass manufacturers and established an office in Delhi, India in 2019. There are now 4 technical after-sales service support engineers and 3 localized sales engineers;

in Brazil, LIJIANG Glass has served as the third largest local freezer door display cabinet door glass manufacturer.

So far, there are dozens of agents, distributors, and dealers in South America, the United States, Turkey, Vietnam, India, the Middle East, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries,

It has attracted Germany's TSI to become LIJIANG Glass's agent in Western Europe; with the assistance of Daks Glass and FDS Glass, it has successfully entered the US market.

and international trade exports have accounted for more than 50% of the company's overall output value.
Where will LIJIANG Glass focus on the global market in the future?
Interviewer: Facing a complex international environment, what is your prediction for the global glass deep processing market? Which market segments will continue to bring performance growth to LIJIANG Glass? Where will LIJIANG Glass focus on the global market in the future?

Mr.Han: In the short term, major global markets are still facing challenges of weak industry demand and intensified competition. The turning point of industry demand may appear in 2024; with the economic recovery in South Asia and Southeast Asia, industry demand will gradually recover. In the medium and long term, the industry still has good growth resilience. According to a report released by Future Market Insights, global glass market sales are expected to maintain an annual compound growth rate of 4.3% from 2022 to 2029.

At the same time, with the implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative, emerging markets such as South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa have gradually become important growth points in the glass deep processing market. The glass deep processing industry contains new development opportunities, and high-end smart green energy-saving and environmental protection will continue to be the development trend of the industry.
Does LIJIANG Glass have in promoting localized operations in different markets around the world?
Interviewer: In addition to the above strategies, what other experiences does LIJIANG Glass have in promoting localized operations in different markets around the world?

Mr. Han: First, integrate upstream and downstream resources and technologies in the industry, and use the foundation of high-end overseas brands to quickly open up local markets and achieve faster market growth. For example, LIJIANG Glass jointly developed an inflatable board hollow production line with James Gao, a Ph.D. in the United States, and AFS, an American company, and received selfless help from LISEC technical engineers. This not only brought impetus for LIANG Glass to take root in the local area, but also made it more conducive for Haier to layout the high-end market.

Second, adhere to the salad-style cultural integration of "people and single integration", so that every employee can directly face the needs of users, create user value, and realize their own value sharing in creating value for users, thereby maximizing personal and organizational value.
What are the key factors that Chinese brands should grasp when going overseas?
Interview: As a mature international enterprise, what are the key factors that Chinese brands should grasp when going overseas?

Mr. Han: First, brand building: LIJIANG Glass Machine always adheres to the strategy of independent brand creation when deploying overseas, that is, starting from the developed European and American markets, and then entering emerging markets, and creating the LIJIANG Glass brand step by step. In this process, establishing a good brand image is the key to gaining a foothold in the regional markets of various countries, which includes brand communication, promotion strategies, marketing channels, and other aspects.

Second, market demand: A timely understanding of local market needs and user habits can quickly determine the potential opportunities and competitive advantages of products in the local market, and targeted satisfaction of market needs can capture the minds of users.

Third, product quality and innovation: high-quality products are the basis for retaining users. On this basis, continuous iterative innovation and proactive provision of upgraded product experiences to users can adapt to the ever-changing needs of users and create differentiated advantages.

Finally, to summarize, why LIJIANG Glass is a trustworthy supplier?
Interviewer: Finally, to summarize, why LIJIANG Glass is a trustworthy supplier?

Mr. Han: We always emphasize research and development. In recent years, out of business growth needs, we have established LIJIANG Glass, which is a professional insulating glass processing machine R&D and manufacturing center with proprietary automatic technology. Adhering to the spirit of innovation, we will never stop developing our brand and new products. With the expanded market, we sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world.

With fine-fitting parts and advanced techniques, our products expand stably, in the fields of glass processing. With superior performance-to-price ratio, high quality, and perfect post-sales service, the market share of our products expands unceasingly. We will unceasingly develop and innovate with our full enthusiasm, to carry forward our brand and offer better products for our users.
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