If you're purchasing a new insulated glass sealing robot machine in today's marketplace, you'll find similar products everywhere. Whether you're a novice or an expert, it's hard to pick the best one for your business. You'll have to compare similar features and costs, shop around for the best price, and know how to deal with the transaction. Here are four easy-to-follow steps a buyer would take to purchase a new insulating glass processing machine.

Automatic Insulated Glass Sealing Robot Equipment

LIJIANG Glass - Type: LJTJ2030/LJTJ2540
LJTJ2030 Automatic Insulated Glass Sealing Robot Equipment
  • Adopts Japan Yaskawa servo control system, full automatic and high-efficiency;
  • Automatic memory function, no need to input parameters repeatedly;
  • Automatically repair glass corners with scraper and roller;
  • The conveying section of equipment could be divided into four sections, and glass can be pre-stored;
  • Automatically measure glass size and glass depth, adjust sealing speed;
  • Adopt timing belt, smooth transfer and accurate position;
  • Every automatic-function is with manual operation;
  • Could coat the double glazing, shaped glass, step glass, triple glass.
  • One set of booster pump control two groups of sealants;
  • Automatic timing sealant discharging function;
  • The sealant mixing system adopts anti-blocked structure and is easy to clean.
Max. Glass Size2000*3000 mm/2500*4000 mm/3300*7000 mm
Min. Glass Size400*300 mm
Glass Thickness12-56 mm/12-56 mm/12-80 mm
Working Speed5-40 mm
Air Pressure0.6-0.8 MPa
Squeeze Pressure<35 MPa
Voltage380V 50Hz 3P
Power15 Kw/15 Kw/20 Kw
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)3700*2500*3000 mm/8700*2500*3500 mm/ 15000*2500*4300 mm
Weight4300 kg/5000 kg/7000 kg
The Layout Diagram of Automatic Insulated Glass Sealing Robot Machine
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  • The butyl extrusion speed could reach 47 m/min;
  • Saving butyl by compared with ordinary machine, the glue could reach 7 g/m;
  • Manual exhaust, simple operation;
  • Adopt non adhesive synchronous belt, talc powder is not required to clean it;
  • Main accessories are made of German brand, PLC Program control, stable performance;
  • Using movable vertical butyl release and horizontal extrusion, convenient and practical;
  • Adjust the width of glue head automatically, ensure the double side gluing is consistent with the quick opening value integrated control;
  • The height adjustment of beam is convenient, effective to solve the problem of write line;
  • Use touch screen operation, simple trial;
  • Adjust the butyl output automatically according to the speed change;
  • Adopt brand hydraulic system to ensure uniform and full rubber output;
  • The buytl cylinder adopts the pull-up structure, which is convenient for changing the butyl extruder coating.

Voltage380V 50Hz 3P
Power5.7 Kw
Butyl Extrusion Pressure10·25 MPa
Temperature110~140 ℃
Glue Thickness0.3~0.5 mm
Glue Width3.5 mm
Aluminum Spacer Width5.5~26.5 mm
Speed0~47 m/min
Diameter of Butyl Cylinder200 mm
Air SupplyFlow 0.4 m³/min
Air Pressure≥ 0.6 MPa
Dimension(L*W*H)2800*700*900 mm
LJTB01 Insulated Glass Butyl Extruder Coating MachineLJTB01 Insulated Glass Butyl Extruder Coating Machine
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This type Insulated Glass Two-component Sealant-Spreading Machine was designed by advanced technology from abroad and inside of China. It is special equipment used for spreading the two-component polysulphide glue and/or two-component silicone structure glue for the aluminum type insulating glass or curtain wall glass. A and B pump adopt Korea brand HASCO.So it can ensure the reliable working-effect.

Special and convenient mixed device can ensure the high quality mixing of the two-component polysulphide glue and/or two-component silicone structure glue. This equipment is featured by uniform mixture and continuous stability of extruded glue, good spreading effect and high production efficiency.

Main Feature

1.Imported motor system to improve equipment efficiency
2.Imported sealant gun, stainless steel mixer
3.High pressure protect device
4.Mixed rate detector
5.Anti-back flow control structure
6.Important control parts adopt Korea Brand
7.Mixed rate detector can control the rare of two kinds of glue

It adopts the most advanced domestic and international technologies, which is applicable to sealing and bonding of insulating glass and curtain wall glass as well as machinery manufacturing.

The internationally prevailing stationary reciprocating mixer is used in this machine, with the specially designed needle valve, a much better mixing result is achieved; The special material with elasticity is used to make the dispensing nozzle, the production of insulating glass is more convenient, simple and elegant.

The material pump, curing agent pump and proportional pump high pressure valve of the machine are made of special leakage-free alloy by grinding. The proportional pump is installed with an adjustable proportioning mechanism; the nearly fastidious proportioning requirements of the bi component adhesive are fulfilled, as well as those of curtain wall glass and insulating glass.

The curing agent system is fully closed, which prevents the agent from contacting air and therefore solidification occurs. The fluid flow rate stability is ensured and mixing effect improved.

The key functional parts are made of high-tension and quality stainless steel with thermal treatment, the reliability and durability of the machine are greatly improved, ensuring a fairly well quality of machine.

Component A pump and Component B pump are driven by high quality imported pneumatic systems respectively. With the contact-free electrical control system, a reliable and sensitive switching of direction is realized.

Main Technical Parameter

Working air pressure0.3-0.6MPa
Sealant spreading pressure15-20MPa
Sealant volume4L/min
Diameter of A/B sealant570mm/280mm
Sealant spreading air pressure ratio50:1
Mixed rate6:1-14:1
Air supplyFlow 0.8m3/min
Air pressure≥0.8MPa
Overall dimension1100*950*1630mm
Capacity of the glue drum200-300 ml/200 kg

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Main Feature

  1. Easy operating, simple and flexible.
  2. It is used for fixing and rotating glass when manual coating the outside of IG glass.
  3. The middle sucker is suitable for small pieces of glass, however, extra support frame is for large pieces of glass.
Main Technical Parameter

Power supply380V 50 Hz
Total power0.37 kw
Operating dimension1500*1500 mm
Dimension600*550*985 mm
Automatic Insulated Glass Sealant Spreading Rotated TableLJZT03 Automatic Insulated Glass Sealant Spreading Rotated Table
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TPS/4SG Automatic Sealing Robot Line


For Insulating Glass Manufacturer

By applying TPS sealing technology, insulating glass manufacturers can easily update their production methods by replacing new sealing system solutions or adjusting existing insulating glass production lines.

  • The double sealant barrel system ensures uninterrupted glue supply operation, and the sealing in the sealant barrel can be replaced in time during the production process when it is used up;
  • The width of the spacer is replaced with an asymmetric three-layer insulating glass spacer, and there is no need to interrupt production when switching;
  • Eliminates the bending, sawing, and connection of individual spacers, the filling of molecular sieves, and the coating of butyl extruder;
  • The production company does not need to store spacers of different types and specifications and does not need to store molecular sieves.
  • The production of insulating glass will not be interrupted due to the loss or error of the spacer frame.
  • It can be applied to the production of insulating glass with four sides, two-glass and three-glass insulating glass.
  • The maximum production size can reach 9m long.

For Glass Doors, Windows and Structural Curtain Walls Production

TPS sealing technology provides optimal energy efficiency.

  • 12% lower thermal conductivity than aluminum frame spacers;
  • Linear thermal conductivity of glass edge area decreased by 60%;
  • Can be sealed according to customer specified position, for example, corner joint sealing
  • Suitable for rectangular and any free-form production;
  • The wind pressure resistance life of fully sealed TPS insulating glass is 35 times higher than that of traditional insulating glass units. Reliable sealing performance to prevent air leakage at the corners of the glass;
  • Good quality can be used for bonding the surface of glass curtain walls;
  • UV-resistant, airtight insulating glass edge sealing is suitable for silicone structural adhesive sealing;
  • Make indoor and outdoor temperatures evenly distributed on the glass surface, reducing energy consumption;
  • Greatly reduce condensation of insulating glass.

For Those Architects and Developers

Propose your ideas, and TPS sealing technology provides corresponding solutions. Free design without being restricted by technical barriers.

  • Design is not limited to the shape and size of doors and windows;
  • The color of the window frame is reflected on the thermoplastic spacer, and the visual appeal of the glass and frame mixture;
  • TPS sealing technology has multifunctional performance, high-efficiency insulation, fire protection, hollow partition, heat preservation, reduce condensation and other phenomena, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
The TPS automatic sealing robot line is the most advanced and flexible solution for producing insulating glass. Different from the traditional insulating glass manufacturing system, it directly applies the thermoplastic spacer on the glass.
  • The distribution operations of bending, sawing, connecting, filling and butyl coating of individual spacers are eliminated, and the warehouse storage is simplified to the maximum extent;
  • There is no excess material, dust or waste in the insulating glass production process;
  • A TPS automatic sealing production line can flexibly produce various orders;
  • With LIJIANG Glass loading and unloading solutions, it provides fast stacking and storage sorting.

TPS sealing technology meets the most authoritative global certification requirements

Countries or Regions
EN 1279, Part 1-6
DIN 1286/1, DIN1286/2
NF P 78-451, NF P 78-452, Avis Technique
SFS 4704
NEN 3567
NS 3212
UNI 10593
North America
ASTM E2190
United StatesASTM E 773, ASTM E774, HIGS
CAN 2-12.8-M76
JIS R 3209
LIJIANG Glass TPS/4SG Sealing Robot LineLIJIANG Glass TPS/4SG Sealing Robot Line
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