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LJST02A Insulated Glass Two-component Sealant-Spreading Machine

Basic Working Principle


This type Insulated Glass Two-component Sealant-Spreading Machine was designed by advanced technology from abroad and inside of China. It is special equipment used for spreading the two-component polysulphide glue and/or two-component silicone structure glue for the aluminum type insulating glass or curtain wall glass. A and B pump adopt Korea brand HASCO.So it can ensure the reliable working-effect.

Special and convenient mixed device can ensure the high quality mixing of the two-component polysulphide glue and/or two-component silicone structure glue. This equipment is featured by uniform mixture and continuous stability of extruded glue, good spreading effect and high production efficiency.

Detailed Working Steps

Main Feature

1.Imported motor system to improve equipment efficiency
2.Imported sealant gun, stainless steel mixer
3.High pressure protect device
4.Mixed rate detector
5.Anti-back flow control structure
6.Important control parts adopt Korea Brand
7.Mixed rate detector can control the rare of two kinds of glue

It adopts the most advanced domestic and international technologies, which is applicable to sealing and bonding of insulating glass and curtain wall glass as well as machinery manufacturing.

The internationally prevailing stationary reciprocating mixer is used in this machine, with the specially designed needle valve, a much better mixing result is achieved; The special material with elasticity is used to make the dispensing nozzle, the production of insulating glass is more convenient, simple and elegant.

The material pump, curing agent pump and proportional pump high pressure valve of the machine are made of special leakage-free alloy by grinding. The proportional pump is installed with an adjustable proportioning mechanism; the nearly fastidious proportioning requirements of the bi component adhesive are fulfilled, as well as those of curtain wall glass and insulating glass.

The curing agent system is fully closed, which prevents the agent from contacting air and therefore solidification occurs. The fluid flow rate stability is ensured and mixing effect improved.

The key functional parts are made of high-tension and quality stainless steel with thermal treatment, the reliability and durability of the machine are greatly improved, ensuring a fairly well quality of machine.

Component A pump and Component B pump are driven by high quality imported pneumatic systems respectively. With the contact-free electrical control system, a reliable and sensitive switching of direction is realized.

Technical Parameter

Main Technical Parameter

Working air pressure0.3-0.6MPa
Sealant spreading pressure15-20MPa
Sealant volume4L/min
Diameter of A/B sealant570mm/280mm
Sealant spreading air pressure ratio50:1
Mixed rate6:1-14:1
Air supplyFlow 0.8m3/min
Air pressure≥0.8MPa
Overall dimension1100*950*1630mm
Capacity of the glue drum200-300 ml/200 kg

Technical Description