More Details of Automatic Equipment

LJTJ2030 Automatic Insulated Glass Sealing Robot Equipment

Basic Working Principle

  • Adopts Japan Yaskawa servo control system, full automatic and high-efficiency;
  • Automatic memory function, no need to input parameters repeatedly;
  • Automatically repair glass corners with scraper and roller;
  • The conveying section of equipment could be divided into four sections, and glass can be pre-stored;
  • Automatically measure glass size and glass depth, adjust sealing speed;
  • Adopt timing belt, smooth transfer and accurate position;
  • Every automatic-function is with manual operation;
  • Could coat the double glazing, shaped glass, step glass, triple glass.
  • One set of booster pump control two groups of sealants;
  • Automatic timing sealant discharging function;
  • The sealant mixing system adopts anti-blocked structure and is easy to clean.

Detailed Working Steps

Technical Parameter

Max. Glass Size2000*3000 mm/2500*4000 mm/3300*7000 mm
Min. Glass Size400*300 mm
Glass Thickness12-56 mm/12-56 mm/12-80 mm
Working Speed5-40 mm
Air Pressure0.6-0.8 MPa
Squeeze Pressure<35 MPa
Voltage380V 50Hz 3P
Power15 Kw/15 Kw/20 Kw
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)3700*2500*3000 mm/8700*2500*3500 mm/ 15000*2500*4300 mm
Weight4300 kg/5000 kg/7000 kg

Technical Description

The Layout Diagram of Automatic Insulated Glass Sealing Robot Machine