What is the performance characteristics of automatic glass cutting machine

The performance characteristics of automatic glass cutting machine

Features & Advantages

  • CNC automatic glass cutting line is composed of automatic loading table, automatic cutting table and air-floated breaking table. 
  • The automatic glass cutting line is mainly used in the processing of flat glass, which can quickly and accurately load sheets, cut straight-line, special-shaped glass and air-floated mechanical breaking sheets.
  • Work flow is as follows: Loading table uses mechanical turnover, through the vacuum suction cup taking glass sheet from the rack, put down to the loading table.
  • The glass is conveyed to the cutting table through the roller on the loading table and the conveyor belt on the cutting table.
  • The cutter holder on the cutting beam of the cutting machine drives the cutter to move at high speed in X direction and Y direction by servo motor.
  • Using Z-axis motor rotation to control the tangent trajectory of tool.
  • At the same time, the cutter pressure and the depth of the cutter are controlled by analog quantity, and the four axes are operated simultaneously to cut.
  •  When the cutting is finished, the glass sheet is sent to the air-floated breaking table for breaking through the air cushion formed by the conveyor belt and the breaking table.