More Details of Automatic Equipment

Fully Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

Basic Working Principle

It's working principle is to convey the cut glass by conveying belt to worktable, automatically input the position of glass through photoelectric scanning system, and then the cutting head with diamond wheel on the cutter holder moves along X and Y directions respectively by program control, cuc the sheet. CNC motion controller is used in the control part of the machine, and advanced AC servo motor is used in the drive part.

Detailed Working Steps

  1. The chassis material is welded and formed by the national standard manganese-containing section bridge steel (Q345A) after aging treatment. The comprehensive mechanical properties, plasticity and welding properties of this kind of steel are good. The frame is processed as a whole, and the stability and accuracy of the equipment are greatly improved by tempering aging treatment to ensure the stability of the product. After special rust removal process, the surface rust spots and oxide layer are removed. The top coat is sprayed with high-grade epoxy primer and the top coat is sprayed with high-grade automobile paint.
  2. Through the analysis of professional structure software, the equipment ensures the stability, dynamic balance, mechanical strength to achieve the most perfect match, and ensures that the structure of the table is not deformed.
  3. The device has one key reset function. It can complete all the preparations before starting automatically by clicking on the touch screen, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
  4. Reasonable arrangement of integral cables and gas pipes and complete sealing
  5. High-speed silent linear guide is adopted for guide rail, which has high cutting accuracy and low noise.
  6. Advanced Japanese Ankawa servo motor is used in the driving part, which makes the equipment reliable, error small and efficient.
  7. Japanese SMC proportional solenoid valve is used for cutting rice. The pressure is automatically adjusted according to the glass thickness. The cutter head rotates 360 degrees, and the upper and lower buffering cutter cuts (any straight line and all kinds of special shaped glass can be cut accurately).
  8. The knife head is equipped with knife protection function. If the knife head falls outside the glass or the glass gap, the program stops automatically, effectively preventing damage to parts and glass.
  9. Double motor high speed drive (large inertia Yaskawa servo) ensures cutting speed and fluency;
  10. Conveyor device, synchronous automatic transmission device, convenient for glass upper and lower transmission, frequency conversion speed regulation, stable and easy to optimize the transmission speed;
  11. Positioning device, photoelectric scanning positioning system;
  12. Compensation function, tool eccentricity compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation.

Technical Parameter

  1. Max size: 6100×3300 mm
  2. Thickness: 3~19 mm
  3. Cutting accuracy: ±0.30
  4. Cutting accuracy of special-shaped glass: ±0.35
  5. Cutting speed: 0-200 m/min
  6. Conveying speed: 0-25 m/min
  7. Machine size:6800×4100×1500 mm
  8. Working table height: 900 mm±20 mm
  9. Weight: 2600 kg
  10. Total power of equipment:9-15 kw

Technical Description

Software part:

Motion Controller:

  1. Fast running speed, smooth running, high control accuracy, modular controller structure;
  2. The man-machine interface is simple and generous, the parameter adjustment is simple, the parameters that need to be modified by operators are less, simple and intuitive, and the requirements for operators are low.
  3. Pipeline cutting mode, photoelectric positioning cutting mode and direct cutting mode are set freely through options. The automatic cutting mode and air operation mode can be switched at any time during the processing.
  4. Graphic library nesting programming, select special-shaped from the library, set relevant parameters, processing quantity, automatic nesting, generating processing trajectory;
  5. Complete storage of glass pressure stock, once the cutting pressure of each specification thickness is input and saved, it can be directly invoked;
  6. Real-time tracking and displaying of processing path, timely recording of motion coordinates, axis state, I/0 state, automatic recording of fault diagnosis and alarm;
  7. Receive a variety of processing documents, accept the standard G code of Optima, Super Package Software, AUTOCAD DXF file, the system has its own graphics editing software (exactly the same as Paul's editing method);
  8. Graphic library nesting programming, selecting abnormal shape from the library, setting relevant parameters, processing quantity, automatic nesting, generating processing trajectory;
  9. The sorting function of DXF class files, including the nearest point, entry point, or by graphics color clockwise, counterclockwise sorting and other options. Free the switch between single-phase cutting and bidirectional cutting is realized.
  10. Photoelectric positioning function, according to the actual position and deflection angle, automatically adjust cutting;
  11. Compensation function: tool eccentricity compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation;
  12. All kinds of protection: including soft and hard limit, cutter pressure limit, external emergency stop control and so on.

Optimization software:

  1. Importable optimization results done in the Office
  2. Cutting scheme can be manually created and edited
  3. With copy and mobile functions
  4. Manual editing of cutting sequence
  5. The cutting scheme can be quickly created by X, Y and Z modes.
  6. Simultaneous optimization of multiple original and small patches
  7. Optimized typesetting without size limitation
  8. Optimized Result Rotation, Mirror Management, etc.
  9. Priority management for small size cutting optimization
  10. Priority management of original glass sheet optimization
  11. Template Scanning Function and Scanning Graphics Processing
  12. Original glass sheet storage Management
  13. 20 efficient optimization algorithms
  14. Cutting graphics can be edited
  15. Label Design and Label Printing(Label-WAY)
  16. Clear Printing of Optimized Result Report
  17. Excel Data File Import
  18. Low-E Glass and Adhesive Glass Cutting Management
  19. A graphics library containing 350 parametric graphics, including all the commonly used graphics types (Geo-Way)
  20. Two-Dimensional CAD System with Abnormal Scanning Processing Function (Cad-Way)
  21. Automatically converting digital signals from CNC systems into graphical forming points
  22. There are many language choices for the software operation interface, including the Chinese interface.
  23. Follow up the latest international software development, provide upgraded versions in real time, and achieve the latest functional requirements for customers