More Details of Automatic Equipment

LJ-BP-6133 Automatic Air-floated Glass Breaking Table

Basic Working Principle

Electrical part:

、Contactors: Renmin/Zhengtai
、Circuit Breaker: Renmin/Zhengtai
、Button: Renmin/Zhengtai
、Main solenoid valve: Airtac
、Other Pneumatic Components: Deke/Shengguan

Mechanical part;

、Working table: Waterproof High Density Plate
、Table: Imported industrial felt (black)
、Breaking bar: solid wood (natural color)

Note: Depending on the delivery date and technical improvement, the production company reserves the right to replace the purchased parts of the same brand.

Detailed Working Steps

  • Pre-washing Function;
  • Automatically accurate positioning for 3 side step DGUs or 4 side step IGUs;
  • Automatic argon-gas filling could set gas value and display the process of filing online with high gas concentration.

Technical Parameter

  1. Breaking bar: 3+1 type
  2. Table Size: 6300*3500 mm
  3. Glass thickness:3-19 mm
  4. Power: 8 kw
  5. Table height: 900 + 20 mm

Technical Description

Design Sketches

Automatic Air-floated Glass Breaking TableAutomatic Air-floated Glass Breaking Table Connection Line