LIJIANG Glass LJZW2020N Automatic Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine uses CNC servo motors for feeding and bending. It can be equipped with 4 storage troughs to store 4 aluminum strip bars of different lengths. At the same time, 12 different aluminum bar processing shapes can be set, and each different shape can be set 3 parameters for processing.

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LJZW2020N Automatic Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine

Main Feature

  • Germany Siemens PLC control system
  • Japan Fuji CNC(SIMENS )servo control system
  • Four spacer size storage units
  • Optional for different specification and size aluminum spacer
  • Auto spacer connecting and cutting function
  • Automatically avoid the connection while bending and cutting
  • Continuous bending
  • Bending stainless steel spacer, TECHNOFORM warm edge spacer, SWISS spacer(Optional) and aluminum spacer
  • Distinctive bending structure with more powerful function
  • Pause&reset device, convenient for machine malfunction maintenance,protect the servo motor
  • USB input function, read the excel sheet directly(Optional)(STANDER)
  • Spacer printing function (Optional).

Video 1 The laser coding function of multi-trough insulating glass aluminum spacer bending machine

Video 2 The multi-trough function of insulating glass aluminum spacer bending machine

Fold and edit the working principle of this bending function

  1. The motor drives the driving roller to rotate through the pulley;
  2. When the active roller rotates to a certain angle, the passive roller starts to rotate in the opposite direction;
  3. The gap between the two driven rollers gradually decreases until zero time;
  4. As the gap between the two driven rollers further decreases, the main motor drives the driving gear to rotate the main shaft and output torque to the hydraulic system;
  5. The hydraulic cylinder pushes the piston rod downward and loosens the nut;
  6. Due to the large friction resistance of the two clamped workpieces, the friction torque becomes smaller until it reaches zero, and then the automatic unloading process is realized.

Main Technical Parameter

Max.bending size


Min.bending size


Aluminum spacer width


Dimensional error:


Angle error


Processing speed


Air supply


Total power

AC220/380V 50Hz 2.5KW