After-sales Service Policy

1. After-sales service commitment

Equipment installation, commissioning, and acceptance and service: 

After the instrument arrives at the user's location, installation and commissioning shall be carried out within one week after receiving the user's notification until it passes the acceptance.

After-sales service plan: 

To ensure product quality and ensure the safe and comfortable use of users, we make the following commitments: set up after-sales service outlets with professionals to set up a maintenance team. Equipped with technical information, maintenance tools, product equipment, and established a spare parts warehouse to meet the needs of after-sales service.

The warranty period and warranty content:

① The product warranty period is 1 year and lifetime maintenance.

② During the warranty period, there is no charge for service, maintenance, and replacement parts.

③ Under the correct installation and use of the product, during the warranty period, if the product has quality problems, our company is responsible for the repair, return, and replacement.

④ After the expiration of the warranty period, only the cost will be charged for maintenance and maintenance.

⑤ Each user who installs the product will have telephone interviews and regular on-site return visits to grasp the on-site situation.

⑥ In the process of installation, commissioning and maintenance of products or accessories, once there is a problem, we should deal with the problem first and then distinguish the responsibilities, and follow the principle of meeting customer needs.

Maintenance service system:


To strengthen the maintenance of the factory equipment, ensure the timely repair of the equipment, reduce the downtime, and ensure the smooth completion of the annual production plan, the regulations of this standard are specially formulated.

Scope of application

This document applies to the repair of equipment produced by

2. Warranty period

(1) After the instrument is installed, debugged, and accepted, our company provides a one-year free warranty, and the warranty period starts from the date of acceptance and signature of the instrument. The time when the instrument is out of service due to failure during the warranty period shall be added to the warranty period.

(2) Provide spare parts sales outside the warranty period, and be responsible for the maintenance of the instrument. The manufacturer has a spare parts warehouse, which can ensure the timely supply of spare parts.

(3) After the 1-year warranty period, the buyer reserves the right to sign a follow-up maintenance contract for the equipment with the manufacturer.

(4) After the expiration of the warranty period, our company will provide two free technical maintenance services at the buyer's request (the cost of damaged parts shall be borne by the buyer)

3. Maintenance response time

LIJIANG Glass will respond to the user's service requirements within 1 hour; if it needs to be repaired on-site, it will arrive at the instrument site within 3 working days; general problems will be solved within 48 hours, major problems or other problems that cannot be quickly solved within one week solve or propose a clear solution, otherwise the seller compensates the user for the corresponding losses.

4. Personnel training

(1) The product manufacturer provided by our company has a training center with a usable area of more than 300 square meters, and the training staff is 3 people. On-site training of 2 operations, maintenance and development technicians in the instrument training center to achieve the level of independent and skilled operation. The training time is 3 days.

(2) Our company provides more than 2 places for buyers to study at the manufacturer's training center for free. The training time is valid for 2 years, and the travel expenses are negotiated by our company and customers.

5. After-sales service method

To ensure the after-sales service capability of the supplied products, our product manufacturers have a complete after-sales service system.
After-sales service

5.1 After-sales service method

① Telephone support: 

By telephone or fax, professional and technical personnel will be arranged to locate the equipment fault within the specified time, come up with a solution, and finally eliminate the fault.

②On-site support: 

For faults that cannot be diagnosed by telephone, technical engineers will be arranged to analyze the reasons, formulate plans, and troubleshoot faults.