After-sales Service Plans and Commitments

LIJIANG Glass makes the following after-sales service plans and commitments:

1. Installation, commissioning, training, and acceptance plan

LIJIANG Glass makes the following commitments for the design, system integration, on-site installation, equipment debugging, and acceptance of the equipment provided by our company:

1.1 Installation and debugging

LIJIANG Glass is responsible for delivering the equipment to the designated location free of charge according to the equipment model and quantity specified in the contract, and ensuring that the equipment installation, commissioning, start-up, and operation are completed on time according to the contract requirements; LIJIANG Glass provides detailed technical training;

LIJIANG Glass provides manuals and drawings for on-site installation, inspection, testing, operation, and maintenance;

Ensure that the operation requirements stated in the functional specifications are met, and be responsible for the on-site installation management and on-site acceptance testing of all equipment in the contract.After the goods arrive, under the supervision of the company and the user personnel, the user personnel will count the goods and check their appearance of the goods.

When the company's after-sales engineers install their equipment on-site, they should abide by the regulations of the user unit and local laws and decrees.

1.2 Technical training

After the normal operation and acceptance of the equipment, LIJIANG Glass is responsible for providing maintenance and operation training for your unit without restrictions on personnel at the project site. The company organizes training twice a year (in May and October) (the location will be notified separately):

  • Correct use of the adjustment function
  • Identify primary failures and necessary recovery methods
  • Application of various functions of the system
  • Common troubleshooting methods

1.3 Final acceptance test

After all, the equipment is installed and debugged, both parties can conduct acceptance testing. After all the basic functions and technical performance of the equipment meet the indicators, both parties can sign the equipment acceptance certificate.

LIJIANG Glass has always attached great importance to providing quality after-sales service to our customers to support the success of our customers.

The company's technical personnel are of high quality, and their service quality, efficiency, and attitude have been well received by overseas customers.

To ensure the high-quality operation of the equipment provided by LIJIANG Glass, the company is willing to provide high-quality maintenance services for the user's entire system.

1.4 Performance guarantee

LIJIANG Glass ensures the integrity and availability of the provided engineering construction scheme and the provided equipment and materials and ensures that the system can be put into normal operation.

LIJIANG Glass shall bear full responsibility if the system function cannot be realized or cannot be fully realized because the equipment and materials provided by LIJIANG Glass cannot meet the requirements or the technical support and services provided are not comprehensive.

The user can carry out tests according to the technical specifications to verify whether the system meets the requirements. LIJIANG Glass after-sales technicians will be on-site to assist and supervise testing.

2. After-sales service system and maintenance plan

We carry out systematic after-sales service with the tenet of customer first and service first. In addition to the after-sales service commitment of the manufacturer, LIJIANG Glass promises that all equipment will provide a 2-year warranty, 2-year on-site service, and lifetime warranty. If the equipment and system are faulty, they will arrive at the site within 1 hour after receiving the repair call from your company, and solve the problem within 12 hours. If the problem cannot be solved in time, LIJIANG Glass will provide a backup machine until the original equipment is repaired. (The warranty period will take effect from the date when the installation acceptance report is signed)

Ensure that users' fault complaints (complaint hotline-general sales manager office: 0086-0531--85828738) are promptly investigated and resolved. Repair hotline: 0086-400-0531-339, 24-hour answering calls: 0086-400-0531-339, technical maintenance personnel are on duty throughout the day, arrive at the site within 1 hour after receiving the user's repair call, and propose a plan within 12 hours. Solve the problem.

Regular inspection: The company makes a telephone return visit to the user once a month and arranges local agents, dealers, and local after-sales technicians to conduct door-to-door inspections every quarter. and exclusions. And the relevant person in charge of the user will be asked to fill in the inspection feedback information sheet.

3. Accompanying services and guarantees

3.1 A complete set of technical information is provided with the product: including manuals, maintenance manuals, etc.

3.2 When we go to the site to install, assemble, calibrate, and start the test equipment, the maintenance personnel will notify the user 7 days in advance.

3.3 Any spare parts installed by us during the warranty period are produced or approved by the original equipment manufacturer.

After-sales service and training plan for this project

1. The warranty period (free maintenance period) starts from the day after the installation of the equipment is completed and the acceptance is signed, and the warranty period is 2 years.

2. During the warranty period, LIJIANG Glass will guarantee the manufacturer's warranty, and will not prevaricate or imply your contact for any reason.

3. LIJIANG Glass provides 365 days * 24 hours all-weather reliable service hotline and technical staff contact information.

4. In case of failure, the company's local agents, dealers, and local after-sales technicians (at least 1 certified engineer) backbone technicians will come to the site for maintenance services within 60 minutes. The service response is 365 days * 24 hours.

5. During the warranty period, if the equipment and system are faulty, they will arrive at the site within 1 hour after receiving the repair call from your company, and solve the problem within 12 hours. If the problem cannot be solved in time, LIJIANG Glass will provide spare parts until the original equipment is repaired.

6. All equipment is installed in place, self-inspection is carried out, and every link of equipment installation is not omitted or skipped.

7. The number and time arrangement of the engineering team to provide installation for the equipment users; the number and time arrangement of the engineers to guide the training, etc., please refer to the project implementation plan.

8. For the detailed training plan, please refer to the equipment installation and user training plan.