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Glass manufacturing prices fell 0.6% in April, halting months of gains.

The U.S. Labor Department reported that glass and glass products manufacturing prices fell in April, ending a string of increases. PPI for the glass and glass products manufacturing industry fell 0.6% in April, following a revised 0.1% in March, according to the sector's producer price index (PPI). Prices in this segment increased 0.1% year over year. PPI measures the price change before a product reaches consumers.

Overall PPI rose 0.5% in April, higher than the 0.3% expected and accelerating from the 0.1% decline in March (revised from 0.2%). Compared with the same period last year, producer prices rose 2.2% in April, up from 1.8% in March, the largest increase in a year.

Figure 1 The Producer Price Index for Glass-Related Products 1

Figure 1 The Producer Price Index for Glass-Related Products 1

Flat Glass The PPI percentage for flat glass remained stagnant in April after a revised 0.7% decline in March. After rising 0.6% in November-December 2023, the sector has remained relatively stable despite fluctuations in overall PPI. Prices remain 0.5% lower than in April 2023.

Flat Glass Manufacturing  Flat glass manufacturing prices were flat in April, ending several months of gains and losses. PPI fell by 0.5% in March, after rising by 0.5% in February. Flat glass manufacturing prices are down 2.2% annually compared to April 2023. Flat glass manufacturing includes flat glass (float, sheet, and flat plate processes) manufactured by flat glass producers.

Structural Metal Products - The Producer Price Index (PPI) for metal products rose 0.4% in April after a revised 0.0% in March. The last percentage decline was 0.3% in February 2024. Prices for the index are still up 1.1% compared to the same period last year. Prefabricated structural metal products include metal liners, culverts, sleeves, pole joists, and panels.

Decorative and Architectural Metal Products Decorative and architectural metal products surged in April, up 5.9%. This follows a revised 0.8% gain in March. The new year has not been good for the industry, which has borne the brunt of continued price increases. The sector's PPI was 8.4% higher year-on-year in April 2023. Decorative architectural metals are designed for aesthetic purposes when placed on high-end buildings.

Metal Windows  Metal window PPI was flat in April, continuing a trend of stagnant prices. Metal window prices fell 0.5% year-on-year. Metal windows include window frames made of aluminum or steel.

Metal Doors and Frames Metal door frame prices did not increase in April, hovering around 0% for the fourth of the past five months. Despite the flat reading, prices for metal doors and frames increased 1% year over year.

Builder's Hardware Prices for builder's hardware, including window hardware, were flat for the second consecutive month. The last price increase in the sector was in February 2024, when it rose 1.5%. Prices for builders' hardware products fell 0.9% year over year compared to April 2023. 

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