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LJWBQJ1800 Horizontal Glass Washing and Drying Machine

Basic Working Principle

LJWBQJ1800 Horizontal Glass Washing and Drying Machine used for washer and dryer the upper and lower surfaces of ordinary float glass and high quality low-e glass, it is composed of incoming segment, washing air-drying segment and out going segment. This Economic type washer always using for single glass or insulating glass processing filed.

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Detailed Working Steps

Structural Characteristics

1. Aluminum alloy assembled structure, no scrap concept, permanent use,high efficiency, energy saving 70% efficiency;
2. The rest of the sheet metal parts are sprayed with advanced mechanical paint or powder;
3. The rubber roller is made of vulcanized rubber with stainless steel shaft;
4. The washing part in contact with water is made of stainless steel;
5. Cleaning department, wind staff overall lift, the maximum lift:350 mm,easy to clean and maintain;
6. Three pairs of brush(Ø 150 mm)Stainless steel shaft configuration (low-e glass, ordinary coated glass and sunshine coated glass can be washed without damaging the coated surface);
7. Two pairs of special stainless steel aluminum alloy air knife configuration, strong wind, good air drying effect, with heating system(with temperature control device, optional opening and closing);
8. The fan is equipped with air filter in the air inlet chamber, with large air volume and good air drying effect,The whole fan box is installed in the upper part of the workshop, with the air filter screen on the side for easy inspection and cleaning;
9. Main drive for gear transmission, frequency control, digital display, the rotation of the brush roller in the washing section is driven by independent belts of the upper and lower motors respectively, the frequency conversion adjustment speed is stable, the service life is long, realizes the cleaning high request special glass;
10. Mechanical button control, cleaning machine digital display, easy to operate, easy to operate, easy to maintain;
11. Washing machine water tank outside, convenient water tank cleaning, water change, check, so that the washing machine cleaning effect is cleaner.
12. Optional with PLC control, touch screen display.It is convenient for workers to operate and maintain, and can be connected to all manufacturers of edge grinding machines without gap.(purchase separately if necessary)

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Technical Parameter

Maximum glass width
2500 mm (effective maximum: 2650 mm)
Minimum glass specification
400 mm*400 mm (limited to single row on left and right sides)
Glass thickness
3 mm-25 mm (digital display)
Speed range
glass thickness within 3-25 mm V max=1-12 m/min
Main drive, brush speed regulation method
frequency control
Table height
900±25 mm
Total power
42 KW(water-bearing wind heating: 15 KW)
Water source
self-circulation, tap water (according to civil water standards) and deionized water water supplement (deionized water equipment
shall be provided by the buyer)
Power source
380V 50Hz
approximately 6260 mm*4800 mm*3100 mm
3940 kgs

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Technical Description

Benefits & Advantages

The Imported Components
Using imported frequency converter and PLC control system, the speed of entering and exiting the glass can be adjusted freely, and the processing of clear glass can be maintained at a constant speed for a long time.

The 3 Pairs of Rubber Rollers
3 pairs of rubber rollers are used to press the glass sheets, which can achieve the effect of increasing the pressing strength in sequence, and the glass thickness tolerance is smaller than others suppliers.

The High-power Fan
The washing and drying equipment could be equipped with a high-power fan, the drying effect is better, and the cleaning effect of the glass is fully guaranteed.

The Gradient Pressing Method
According to the direction from the glass input to the output, the glass is gradually pressed by using a gradient pressing method. The pressing effect is better than other suppliers.

LJWQ-1800 Horizontal Glass Washing and Drying Machine
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