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LJLQ-2000 Vertical Glass Washing and Drying Machine

Basic Working Principle

The overall structure of the LJLQ-2000 vertical glass washing and drying machine is composed of four sections: inlet section, air-drying section, and outlet section. It is mainly composed of four major mechanisms: conveying, cleaning, strong wind, and inspection. It has the characteristics of strong decontamination ability, cleanliness, and good air-drying effect.

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Detailed Working Steps

Structural Characteristics 
  • The brush roller in the cleaning part is conveyed by an independent belt of the motor. The brush is made of high-quality acid-resistant and high-temperature-resistant material, which has good cleaning effect and long service life.
  • It adopts precise transmission system and frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be operated directly on the panel to adjust the cleaning speed arbitrarily.
  • High-quality conveying rubber rollers are densely arranged, which can process different sizes of glass. Combined with gear transmission, the glass transmission is more stable.
  • Using an efficient cleaning and air-drying system, glass of different thicknesses can be automatically cleaned and dried; it is cleaned with a brush, dried with a high-quality sponge roller, and then dried with hot air once to ensure that the cleaning effect of the glass is clean and bright without leaving any traces of cleaning stains.

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Technical Parameter

  1. Max glass size: 2000 mm*2500 mm
  2. Min glass size: 2500 mm*3000 mm
  3. Working direction facing the equipment
  4. Washing speed: 2-10 m/min
  5. Glass thickness: 3-15 mm
  6. Insulating glass thickness: ≤40 mm
  7. Water supply: 0.5 tons/day of circulating water, conductivity ≤40μS
  8. Washing speed: 2-10 m/min
  9. Working height: 580 mm
  10. Power: 3P 380V 50Hz
  11. Ambient temperature: 10°C-30°C, according to DIN 40040
  12. Relative air humidity: ≤ 75 %, according to DIN 40040

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Technical Description