LIJIANG Glass LJGZ2020S Automatic Insulating Glass Desiccant Filling Machine would adopt two filling stations to working at the same time to improve work efficiency, and the this type of two filling stations could realize different combinations of ordinary filling, special-shaped spacers filling and large particle filling...

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LJGZ2020S Automatic Insulating Glass Desiccant Filling Molecular Sieve Filling Machine

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LIJIANG Glass LJGZ2020S Automatic Insulating Glass Desiccant Filling Molecular Sieve Filling Machine adopts PLC control mode. After metering, the molecular sieve adsorbent raw materials are directly injected into the tank for stirring reaction, and then the gas is discharged through a vacuum negative pressure or positive pressure exhaust device. Because the equipment adopts advanced automatic CNC control technology and sensor detection technology, the production process has a high degree of automation, low energy consumption and high efficiency. 

The device has the following features:

  1. Easy to operate: just press the start button to complete the entire workflow;
  2. Advanced technology: the product ratio and concentration can be adjusted according to user needs;
  3. Simple and safe operation: fully enclosed design, compact structure, small footprint, no dust pollution and low noise;
  4. Reliable and stable performance: The whole machine operates smoothly and reliably, has a long service life and low maintenance costs;
  5. Low investment and high benefits: the output of 1 ton per hour is equivalent to more than 10 times that of traditional equipment. One fully automatic molecular sieve filling machine can replace 2-3 semi-automatic molecular sieve filling machines (if you need to change the raw materials, just replace it valve);
  6. Strong applicability: It is suitable for mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, concentrating and purifying materials with different viscosities, as well as solid-liquid separation and other process requirements.

Main Technical Parameter

Filling aluminum frame’s maximum size2000mm*2000mm
Filling aluminum frame’s minimal size150*300mm
Article aluminum specifications5.5-24mm
Air source≥0.65MPa
Power supply and power consumptionAC220V 50Hz 1Kw
Molecular sieve diameter needed0.5-0.9mm
Total powerAC220/380V 50Hz 2.5Kw

Low voltage electrical apparatusGerman SIEMENS
SensorKorea AUTONICS
GuideTaiwan TBI
TripletTaiwan AIRTAC
Solenoid valveTaiwan AIRTAC
Gas drillerTaiwan BOA
Switch powerTaiwan TEND

Advantages & Features

The working principle of the molecular sieve filling machine is to first load the molecular sieve into the hopper, and then quantitatively send it to the filling position through the conveying device. During the filling process, the filling time, speed and pressure can be controlled to ensure uniform filling of the molecular sieve, and can be adjusted according to different product requirements.

In addition to conventional molecular sieve-filling machines, there are also some advanced automated molecular sieve-filling production lines that can achieve continuous and efficient production. These production lines are usually equipped with automated control systems that can monitor and adjust parameters in each link to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Main Feature

  • The filling height of can be adjusted according to the size of spacer frame 
  • Filling time can be adjusted 
  • Desiccant auto loading and replenish 
  • Auto drilling, filling and sealing function 
  • Germany Siemens PLC control system 
  • Touching screen interface, simple and visible 
  • Adding glue way is safe and easy 
  • Machine could fill the arc frame.(optional function) 
  • Could fill Molecular sieve diameter 0.5-0.9mm, 1.0mm-1.5mm(optional function)

The Unique ID Code Number

All the electrical wires of the machine parts, have the unique ID code number, it could match with specification, 
also it will be make it easy for the communication with customers in the after sales service on future.

The Touching Screen Interface

The touching screen interface, which the parts of machine, is simple and visible; and also, the filling time 
could be adjusted according to the size of spacer frame in the touch screen.

The Materials Bucket

The desiccant filling automatically loading from the materials bucket. (When the material was used up 
the sensor will alarming, desiccant will automatically loading.)

The Electrical Component

The electrical component are all Germany Brand-Siemens, which is adopt internationally renowned brands 
to ensure the stability of the equipment.

Video 1 Jinan LIJIANG LJGZ2020S Automatic Insulating Glass Desiccant Filling Machine


Pre-Sales Service

1. Free inquiry and consulting support.

2. Free sample-making support.

3. Manufacturing process inspection.

4. Free quotation.

5. Troubleshooting.

After-Sales Service

1. Offering the specifications for the entry-level glass deep-processing machine with 1 years warranty.

2. English software, user manual, and engineer guide.

3. 7/24 technical support by email or call, if you have any problems, we will help you to solve them within 12 hours.

4. During the warranty period, if any part is broken, we will provide it for free.

5. Free remote service and support, if it is necessary, our engineer will come to your country for training.

6. 7 working days to produce the machine, in the meanwhile, we will report the production process in time.


1. Is it easy to operate for a beginner?

We provide an English manual or live video guide that will show how to set up and use the machine. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can quickly learn to operate. If you still have any problems, please contact us directly via calling or mailing.

2. How to choose the right entry-level glass deep-processing machine?

Yes, to give you a suitable entry-level insulating glass producing machine, please tell me the max working area, materials for processing, and the thickness for the materials to be cut. Then an affordable glass deep-processing machine will be recommended to fit your requirements.

3. If the glass deep-processing machine have any problem after I ordered it, what could I do?

3.1. Free parts will be sent to you in the warranty period if the machine has any problem.

3.2. Free after-sales service life for the machine, please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

3.3. We will offer 7/24 free service and support by phone, WhatsApp, skype, and mail.

4. What about quality control?

The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete machine will be tested to make sure it can work very well before being out of the factory. The testing video and pictures will be available before delivery.

5. What about the MOQ?

Our MOQ is 1 set glass deep-processing machine. We could send the glass deep-processing machine to your country port directly, please tell us your port name. There will be the best shipping freight and machine price for you.

6. What about the payment terms?

6.1. 30% by T/T in advance, 70% by T/T before shipping.

6.2. L/C is acceptable, if the amount is big, please issue the draft for our confirmation at first.

7. What about the delivery terms?

We will arrange the delivery on the terms we both agreed upon after the confirmation by the buyer. For standard machines, it would be 7-10 days. For special ordered machines, it would be 15 to 30 days depending on the factory arrangement.

8. What about the packing?

Waterproof plastic film package with foam protection in each corner. Plywood case package with steel belt. It saves space as much as possible for container loading.

9. What about the documents after shipment?

After shipment, we will send original documents to you by DHL which include the packing list, commercial invoice, bill of landing, and other certificates as required by clients.

International Shipping Around the World

All the glass deep-processing machines can be shipped worldwide by sea, by air, or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with your name, email, detailed address, product, and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight.

Automaitc Molecular Sieve Filling Machine
PLC System
Germany Siemens
Desiccant filling
Max. filling aluminum frame
Min. filling aluminum frame
Min. spacer frame
Aluminum spacer size
Molecular sieve diameter
Air pressure
220V 50Hz 1kw
220V or 380V or 450V
By adjusting the filling time to adjust the filling volume, the two filling heads can set the filling time separately.
What diameter range does the large particle that can be filled refer to?

What diameter range do small particles refer to?

It can be filled with large-particle molecular sieves, which needs to be customized with LIJIANG Glass; it can be filled with large-particle molecular sieves with a diameter of 1.0mm-1.5mm. Generally speaking, the particle range of molecular sieves is generally 0.5mm-0.9mm in diameter; the particles of small-particle molecular sieves The range is generally 1.0mm-1.5mm, 2.0mm-2.5mm, 2.5mm-3.0mm in diameter.
Only about 30 seconds by Automatic Insulating Glass Desiccant Filling Machine.