LIJIANG Glass CNC3826 automatic glass cutting and loading machine is combined equipment for top glass cutting. With all the functions of a loading table and cutting machine. Small footprint and simple operation...

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Performance parameters of CNC3826 automatic glass cutting and loading machine

This machine is combined equipment for top cutting. With all the functions of a loading table and cutting machine. Small footprint and simple operation.

Equipment performance:

1. Technical parameters of ZY-3826 single-turn single-station loading table:

Top sheet size range: Top sheet size: 1000*1500mm,

Loading size: 3800*2500mm

Top sheet thickness: 3~19mm.

Fast loading cycle: 25-50 seconds

Suction piece depth: 700mm

Load on top: 900KG

The number of upper arms on one side: 3 arms.

The number of single-arm suction cups: 4.

Top flip arm: single flip

Loading station: single station

Installation power supply: 380V/50HZ (special circumstances can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

Installation power: 6KW

Compressed air: 0.3Mpa

Vacuum pressure: -70~90Kpa (adjustable according to glass thickness)

2. Basic performance of ZY-3826 automatic cutting machine:

2.1 Equipment Specifications:

Cuttable glass size: 3660*2440mm

Table height: 900±30mm.

Equipment weight: 2.5T.

Cutting thickness: 3~19mm

2.2 Cutting parameters:

Linear parallelism: ≤±0.25mm/m

Diagonal accuracy: ≤±0.30mm/m (the above accuracy is subject to the accuracy of the cutting line before breaking)

Cutting bridge speed: 0~160m/min. (adjustable)

Cutting bridge acceleration≥3.0m/s²

Tool head frame speed ≥160m/min

Tool head frame acceleration≥6.0m/s²

Belt conveying speed ≥40m/min

Cutting head accuracy error≤±0.2 mm

2.3 Power/Power:

Installation power requirements: 380V/50Hz

The actual power of the device: 8Kw.

Compressed air: 0.6MPa.

2.4. Equipment performance

Equipment frame: The equipment has been treated with aging to ensure the countertop and parallelism.

Cutting knife holder: the knife head can be rotated 360 degrees, up and down cutting (can accurately cut any straight line and various special-shaped glass)

Countertop: Imported waterproof high-density panel. Can effectively prevent moisture.

Felt: Imported industrial felt (fiber and wool components) has good flatness and can reduce glass scratches.

Oil supply method: Pneumatic automatic oil filling, synchronized with the lower knife. Dual oil circuit control, can use kerosene and cutting oil at the same time.

Conveying device: synchronous belt conveys automatically.

2.5 Mechanical part

Platen: Waterproof board. (flatness≤±0.20mm/m).

Rack: Japan KHK.

Transmission belt/pulley: Barbery, Italy

Cutter/Clamp: German Bohler.

2.6 Electrical part

Use industrial computer for direct control, Microsoft Windows interface.

Voltage: 380V/50HZ. Equipment with transformer.

Motor: Yaskawa servo motor from Japan.

Proximity switch: Swiss ELCO

Control card: imported from the United States, Galil

The main electrical components: relay Japan Izumi; AC contactor France Schneider.

Pneumatic proportional valve: Japan SMC

2.7 Software

Optional Guiyou optimization software and production management software can be used together.

With lower knife limit protection function.

The capacity function can be automatically calculated.

With more than 2,000 cutting CAD drawings. (convenient for drawing and operation)

Compatible with AUTO CAD drawing software.

The optimization software is directly compatible with the cutting software.

With automatic correction function. Ensure cutting accuracy.

Cutting path selection function. Make sure to reach the cutting speed.

Automatic adjustment of cutting knife pressure, fast, accurate, and stable.

The special-shaped cutting is automatically pressurized, which can quickly and effectively ensure the cutting effect.