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In the International Year of Glass 2022, experience the high-tech material glass live and up close at the world's leading trade fair glasstec. Glass can help to master global challenges such as resource conservation, climate protection, urbanization, sustainable value enhancement, improved quality of life and more professional automatic producing processing machine for you reference. Essential topics that will be explored in depth at glasstec. Benefit from the knowledge advantage and get new impulses.

  • Date: 20.09.2022 08:30 AM - 23.09.2022 05:30 PM
  • Location Stockumer Höfe, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany (Map)
  • More Info: Stockumer Höfe, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany


The glasstec 2022

It will soon be that time again: glasstec, the most important meeting place for the industry, will once again bring together all the key protagonists from the entire world of glass. No other trade fair presents the entire range of glass as a material in such a comprehensive form. Be there live and do business and close deals in person with the top decision-makers from the world's leading companies.

  • We, LIJIANG Glass, are committed to ensuring that all employees pass nucleic acid testing and comply with local epidemic prevention policies, and provide new methods for customers who want to go out and actively participate in the exhibition to open up new markets.
  • In 2022, the economic environment was harsh in the past, and some glass deep processing practitioners experienced a 20%~30% performance decline to varying degrees from January to August 2022. Looking for new products or new technologies in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain to help themselves to activate old customers and open up new markets. Looking ahead to 2023, the desire to find new business opportunities is stronger than ever.
  • Those glass deep processing practitioners, like you, would also strongly hope for economic recovery, and have begun to take active actions to expand effective leads or effective customers.
  • As an exhibitor, we actively stimulate interest, build trust, and tap demand with customers, and through face-to-face contact, become your strategic supplier and preferred supplier when purchasing glass deep processing equipment

Figure 1 The Glasstec 2022Figure 1 The Glasstec 2022

Benefit from the potential of the world‘s leading trade fair for glass

With 1,276 exhibitors from 50 countries and 42,603 visitors from 126 countries, glasstec is the world‘s largest trade fair for the international glass industry. No other place in the world offers a similarly versatile, comprehensive and future-oriented range of products and services covering the entire glass value creation chain. Present your young and innovative company at glasstec and secure your place in our Start-Up Zone. We will bring you together with the top decision-makers in the glass industry as well as experts and personalities from business, research and politics.

Booth Position: Hall 17, Stand B23.

Figure 2 The Glasstec trade fair 1Figure 2 The Glasstec trade fair 1

About LIJIANG Glass

As a professional manufacturer of insulating glass equipment, LIJIANG Glass actively participated in the Germany Glasstec Trade Fair on 20 Sep. to 23 Sep, 2022, communicated with local insulating glass processing manufacturers in India and achieved multiple equipment orders. The main products of LIJIANG Glass are including:

LJBZ2025 / LJBZ2535 Vertical Insualted Glass Production Line

LJBZ2025GF / LJBZ2535GF Vertical Insulated Air-floating Glass Produciton Line

LJCM2545 Vertical Low-E Glass Edge Deleting Machine

LJTJ2030 / LJTJ2540 Automatic Insulated Glass Sealing Robot Machine

LJGZ2020 / LJGZ2020A / LJGZ2020X / LJGZ2020S Automatic Insulated Glass Desiccant Filling Machine

LJZW2020 / LJZW2020A Automatic Insulated Glass Aluminum Spacer Bar Bending Machine,

LJTB01 Insulated Glass High-speed Butyl Extruder Coating Machine,

LJST02A / LJST03 Manual Insulated Glass Two-pump Sealant Sealing Machine,

LJSGF01 Insulated Glass Glue Gun Freezer Equipment,

LJXJ300 / 500 / 800 Glass Loading Cantilever Crane Lifter Equipment,

LJCJ01 / LJCJ02 Manual Insulated Glass Gas-filling Equipment,

LJSK01 / LJSK02 Insulated Glass Rotated Sealant Spreading Table,

LJQJ02 Manual Insulated Glass Aluminum Spacer Bar Cutting Machine,

LJSKJ02 Automatic Insulated Glass Aluminum Frame Transfer Machine,

LJKBM95 Manual Insulated Glass Edge Finishing Machine.

Figure 3 Jinan LIJIANG Glass Automatic Insulated Glass Processing Solution. Figure 3 LIJIANG Glass Automatic Insulated Glass Processing Solution. 

And also, in this exhibition, LIJIANG Glass focused on launching an Automatic Vertical double-inflated double-panel insulating glass production line suitable for the production and processing of super-large panels of insulating glass. The maximum processing size could reach 7000 mm, which is more suitable for the deep processing of high-rise building curtain wall glass.

Figure 4 Jinan LIJIANG Glass Automatic Insulated Glass Double Gas-filling & Double Plate-pressing Production Line Figure 4 LIJIANG Glass Automatic Insulated Glass Double Gas-filling & Double Plate-pressing Production Line