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WINDOOREX Middle East 2023 has proven itself as the regional key communication platform for gathering the prominent industry giants and professionals can expect to find. It satisfies the best prerequisites of the region's booming construction sector and enhances brand value in the MENA lucrative markets. WINDOOREX Middle East 2023 will be tailored toward providing profitable business and networking opportunities PLUS will welcome diversity of global knowledge from exhibitors, visitors, and partners.

  • Date: 06.05.2023 09:00 AM - 08.05.2023 05:30 PM
  • Location El-Moshir Tantawy Axis, Al Hay Al Asher (Map)
  • More Info: El-Moshir Tantawy Axis, New Cairo, Cairo


Glass & Aluminum + WinDoorex Middle East 2023 is one of the largest international trade fairs in Africa for doors, windows, exterior walls, glass, aluminum, components and other products. The only international trade fair for people to start business contacts, establish and cultivate partnerships.

According to the survey, the exhibitors are extremely satisfied with this highly innovative exhibition, and more than 94% of the exhibitors have achieved good results. Major companies have expressed satisfaction with the wide range of products and machinery exhibited at the exhibition, and the high quality of participants. Among them, international exhibitors SAINT-GOBAIN, SPHINX, ALUMIL, DELEMAR, TECHNO BOND, WELLBOND, PROTECH, DREAMS, AUG, DECORATIVEGLASS, etc. all participate in and sponsor the exhibition all the year round. Taking the development of the door and window industry in the Middle East as a parameter, this region has a good market prospect, so participating in the Egypt Door and Window Exhibition is your choice!

Glass & Aluminum + WinDoorex Middle East 2023 is a new exhibition in the glass door and window industry, able to create fast and special business opportunities, becoming a new brand in the world's growing market, it will be the main player and industry showcase of the glass door and window aluminum industry in the Middle East An international trade show for exchanging advanced technologies and solutions.

LIJIANG Glass was articipated in this exhibition, connected to more door and window glass processors and manufacturers in the Middle East and North Africa, and shared more processing knowledge on the use of secondary seals by insulating glass two-pump sealant spreading equipment and sealants for door and window profiles.

Insulating glass two-pump sealant spreading Equipment

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