The performance characteristics of vertical glass washing machine


  1. The whole process is controlled by PLC, the washing machine adopts a digital input control system, and the operation of the equipment adopts intermittent working mode, which is more humanized. The high degree of automation and easy operation.
  2. It adopts a human-machine interface touch screen, which is convenient for automatic and manual conversion, and has a single-segment operation display function, which can accurately display the operation and fault conditions of the equipment, and is convenient for maintenance.
  3. Automatic identification of coated glass function (optional), automatic identification of offline Low-E glass function (optional), automatic alarm and stop transmission function when the film layer is wrong.
  4. The main body of the washing machine is formed by bending and welding industrial stainless steel plates. The door of the washing machine is made of visible tempered glass, brushes, and rubber rollers, and the operation of the spraying work is clear at a glance; the door of the washing machine is equipped with a safety signal switch, and the equipment will automatically stop running when it is opened to ensure the safety of the operator.
  5. The feeding section of the cleaning machine is equipped with a driving wheel feeding method, and the splashing drying area adopts the bottom roller driving method, and there is no rubber roller extrusion trace on the surface of the coating or Low-E glass, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of stripping.
  6. When cleaning the coating or Low-E glass, click the touch screen option function to automatically separate the ordinary brushes, and the Low-E brushes are driven by frequency conversion.
  7. The washing machine adopts oil-free lubricated waterproof bearings to avoid secondary pollution of water sources.
  8. The spray drying area (air knife room) is equipped with a water mist separation device to eliminate the possibility of floating water mist (oil molecules) when the glass passes through the strong wind pressure splash drying area (oil molecules adhered to the glass surface will encounter natural light. produce bright spots).
  9. The uniquely designed spraying system, the spraying angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the cleaning and maintenance are quick and convenient. The water tank of the washing machine is equipped with a water heating system, and it is recommended to use it when the room temperature is ≤7°.
  10. The fan adopts an external air intake filter air device to ensure the cleanliness of the air in the fan. The fan with an optimized design can generate air volume and pressure to ensure clean and dry glass. The fan is equipped with an air heating system, and it is recommended to use it when the room temperature is ≤7°.
  11. The transmission backboard adopts a high-strength board with double-sided polyurethane resin coating, which has strong corrosion resistance and good flatness.
  12. The bottom roller is made of through-shaft polyurethane material, and the shaft core is connected by threaded buckles. When producing large-size glass, it is ensured that the bottom roller does not fall off the shaft. If one side is worn out, the bottom roller can be used again by changing the position of the bottom roller, which prolongs the service life of the roller.