What is the difference between vertical and horizontal glass washing machines?

The difference between vertical and horizontal glass washing machines

The glass washing machine is a special equipment for washing and drying the surface of the glass before deep processing such as mirror making, vacuum coating, tempering, hot bending, and insulating glass assembling. It can be divided into the horizontal glass washing drying machine and vertical glass washing drying machine. The glass washing machine is mainly composed of the transmission system, washing and drying system, electric control system, and so on.

Horizontal Insulating Glass Washing and Drying Machine

It occupies a slightly larger area and is used for cleaning the flat glass of 2-10mm. The machine adopts a horizontal structure. The flat glass is placed on the conveying roller, and passes through the feeding section, cleaning section, drying section, and reaches the discharging section. The glass conveying speed can be adjusted according to the relevant process requirements, and the hot air temperature can be set in advance as required.

Vertical Insulated Glass Washing and Drying Machine

The cleaning area and flushing area are all made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials. The three pairs of brushes are all made of high-density soft bristles, which can clean various Low-E glass and coated glass. The three pairs of brushes operate independently, the distance between the brushes is adjustable, and the whole process is run by a CNC automation program.

It can produce double-glass and triple-glass insulating glass, and ultra-long glass and ultra-long glass can be subjected to secondary plate pressing. The whole machine has two modes automatic and manual, which is more convenient and quick. The positive and negative direction equipment can be customized according to the direction of glass travel. In-board inflatable function equipment can be customized. The vertical hollow glass cleaning line has high production efficiency, a small footprint, safety and reliability, and easy maintenance.

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