Day -270: Supplier & Product Development

Comceptual design develop prototype time & cost review for the new type of LIJIANG Glass Brand automatic insulating glass machine.


Day -150: Assembly Production Line Review & Business Review & Business Award

From Day -270 to Day -90 LIJIANG Glass will process the Assembly Production Line Development & IGUs Sample Design Review: *Regulatory and Safety to Produce Pieces of IGUs. *VOC CTQ Pat. *Benchmarking at PQEL. *Equipment Requirement. *Equipment Design Review. *Factory DAP Lab Assessment. *Value Engieering. *Protocol Development. *Engineering Verification.


Day -90: IGUs Sample Testing

LIJIANG Glass will Process the PPT(Pre-Purchase Testing) insulating glass sample submission. What is PPT: *PPT is a collection of tests conducted prior to a machine being purchased by LIJIANG Glass. PPT is required for: *All LIJIANG Glass Private Branded items. *LIJIANG Glass unbranded(irrespective of locale of manufacturing). *Nationally branded items imported by LIJIANG Glass.


Day -60: Equipment Approval

From Day -90 to Day -60 LIJIANG Glass will process the Pre-Purchase Test (PPT) Approval for New SKUs before Production Design Vertification Equipment Validation Testing.


Day -40: IR Approval

Finalize BOM & MFC Process: First Production From Day -60 to Day -40 LIJIANG Glass will process the Engineering Change Management (ECR) Approval for Existing SKUs before Production


Day -7: Passed IRN Release

From Day-40 to Day -7 LIJIANG Glass will process the Mass Production & Constant Quality Monitoring


Day 0: ESD

From Day -7 to Day 0 LIJIANG Glass will process the If rejected Rework QA CAPA QA Waiver.