Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line Machine

LIJIANG Glass will suggest that you assemble the components in order according to the drawings, check whether the components are damaged, and whether the connection is firm; adjust the gap between the components; test run for 1 hour to check the debugging effect.

Automatic Insulating Glass Sealing Robot Machine

LIJIANG Glass will inform the customer of the installation sequence and method to ensure that the core components of the insulating glass sealing line such as the feed section frame, the bending section frame, the discharge section frame, the distribution box and the breathable chassis can be accurately installed.

Automatic Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine

LIJIANG Glass could process triangular, rectangular, regular pentagonal, regular hexagonal, arc-shaped steel bars or aluminum bars and other materials for insulating glass spacers, and by setting four storage tanks, 4 different specifications can be stored respectively aluminum bars. This maintenance manual and installation standards facilitate the commissioning and maintenance of the equipment.

Automatic Insulating Glass Desiccant Filling Equipment

Insulating glass is often rack-mounted, and there are glasses of different shapes and specifications placed together. During the filling process of the filling machine, LIJIANG Glass will not require the staff to adjust the fixture multiple times to fix an insulating glass of different thicknesses and heights. Once adjusted in place, it can adapt to the filling of hollow glass aluminum strip frames of various sizes.

Automatic Insulating Glass Butyl Extruder Equipment

If the aluminum strip deviates inward or outward during gluing and the pressure roller cannot press the aluminum strip or is too tight, in the installation manual of LIJIANG Glass, a complete introduction will be given on how to adjust the pressing height of the pressure roller. Adjust the height of the pressure roller: you can use a small wrench or pliers to rotate the cylinder rod.