Special Sales Authorization and Prices

Support distributors to apply for opening a distributor account under our company to obtain our company's sales authorization and special discounted prices; our company will allocate local marketing expenses to distributors and provide necessary equipment sales and after-sales services maintenance training.

Establish Your Own Brands

Support the production of Stick Labels including but not limited to the company name, address, telephone number, email address, website, etc. to promote equipment sales; and encourage powerful distributors to establish their own brands or Private Labels.

Establish Your Own Distribution System

The flexible formulation includes but is not limited to exclusive distribution agreements or non-exclusive distribution agreements, maintaining the balance between maximum competition and minimum brand friction in equipment sales, and helping distributors to establish their own product distribution system.

Flexible Price Protection Policy

Flexible price protection policy, according to the distributor's business model, role in the supply chain, sales channels of its products, how to promote and sell them in the local market, what are the main customer groups, and what is the most concerned about in the cooperation process, targeted price protection and policy support.

Build a Suitable Sales System

Build a suitable sales system for distributors, assist distributors to complete the pre-signed performance amount on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and share warehouse rental costs, after-sales personnel service costs, and marketing promotion costs in proportion to their sales.

Develop Your Own Sales Market

With a huge base of linked customers, and rich experience in market expansion in the upstream and downstream of the circulation chain, there will be no Green Hand behavior and with a deep understanding of Marketing Rules, you can safely develop your own sales market.