Surprised at the quality of this compact Glass Loading Lifter Equipment when it arrived. Put it together in 30 minutes. Small in size and easy to move. I bought this unit to move the pieces of float glass. It is easy to use with automatic software and there are no issues so far. I have tried this loading and moving tool to move glasses sheets, and if necessary, I will try to move more types and pieces of glasses in the next week. 

Eric PearsonFrom United States, Posted on Nov 17, 2022Cantilever Crane Vacuum Glass Lifter Equipment

 I thought I just bought this glass loading lifter equipment to upgrade my automation glass processing in commercial use. It could save you much more cost and time compared to handle moving tools.This equipment has been moving exactly as I expected. It is great to loading and unloading the edge of sheet glasses. I have moved over 100 Pcs glasses plates so far with no issues. Expect it to perform better in the future. 

Clint GrossFrom United States, Posted on Aug 25, 2022Cantilever Crane Vacuum Glass Lifter Equipment

 Considering LIJIANG Glass which is a name brand, I bought one for my workshop last month. However, it was easy to setup and operate. I used it to move the jumbo pieces of float glass from this glass processing factory to others places. All the pieces of glass moves perfectly without secondly. Did great jobs with ease. I'm impressed with how well it loading and unloading with higher speed and precision. 

Henry BrowneFrom United Kingdom, Posted on Jul 09, 2022Cantilever Crane Vacuum Glass Lifter Equipment