The Automatic Insulating Glass Sealing Robot Line
Type: LJTJ2030/LJTJ2532/LJTJ3070/LJTJ3370

The LIJIANG Glass Insulating Glass Sealing Robot Line adopts a large touch screen human-machine interface control system to realize automatic positioning of aluminum partition frames, automatic lifting and lowering of pressing, conveying, sealant coating, automatic timing heating and other functions. The equipment adopts advanced gas-liquid boosting technology to make the system pressure more stable and energy-saving. The system is equipped with an alarm system for running out of sealing, and a dual-group and dual-sealing supply configuration. Production will not be delayed during sealant replacement. The sealing head is adjustable within the range of 6-20mm and can be fine-tuned up and down.

LIJIANG Glass automatic insulating glass sealing robot machine has the characteristics of intelligent automation, extremely high precision, excellent adaptability and simple operation. It is an indispensable equipment in the automated insulating glass production process. It provides efficient and reliable solutions for insulating glass manufacturing companies, helping them improve production efficiency and product quality.

  1. Control system: This is an important part of the fully automatic insulating glass sealing robot machine, responsible for controlling the entire glue process. The control system usually includes equipment such as PLC (programmable logic controller), touch screen or control panel, which can realize humanized operation and precise control of the sealing robot machine.
  2. Sealant supply system: The sealing robot supply system is responsible for delivering sealant to the nozzle of the sealing robot machine. It usually includes one or more sealant storage tanks and one or more sealant supply pumps. The sealant supply system needs to ensure that sealant can be delivered to the nozzle stably and evenly to ensure the quality and efficiency of sealant application.
  3. Sealant nozzle system: The sealant nozzle system is the core component of the fully automatic insulating glass sealing robot machine and is responsible for spraying sealant onto the glass. A sealant nozzle system usually includes one or more sealant nozzles and one or more driving devices. The sealant nozzle needs to accurately control the angle, speed and distance of the spray to ensure the accuracy and consistency of sealant application.
  4. Conveying system: The conveying system is responsible for transporting the glass to the working area of the sealing robot machine. It usually includes one or more conveyor belts, chains or cylinders and other equipment to ensure that the glass can move to the gluing position stably and accurately.
  5. Detection system: The detection system is responsible for detecting various parameters during the sealing process, such as glue flow, pressure, temperature, etc., as well as the position and status of the glass. The detection system can ensure the stability and safety of the sealing process, and detect and handle abnormal situations in a timely manner.