Manual Two-component Sealant Applicator Equipment
Type: LJST02A/LJST03

The main pump of the LIJIANG Glass manual two-component sealant applicator equipment is driven smoothly by the hydraulic system; the fully enclosed curing agent sealant path system prevents the curing agent from contacting with air and solidifying; the two-component proportioning structure is steplessly adjusted to meet accurate proportioning requirements; it adopts Internationally popular static reciprocating mixer, mixing more evenly.

Manual Two-component Sealant Applicator is a two-component sealant applicator equipment developed and manufactured by domestic excellent technology;

The curing agent system of the sealing applicator is a fully closed system, which prevents the mixing of air;

The base material pump of the two-component sealant coating machine and the curing agent pump, that is, the high-pressure valve port of the proportional pump, are all made of zero-leakage special alloy grinding;

The mixing system adopts the internationally popular static reciprocating mixer, equipped with a one-way needle valve with a unique structure to ensure uniform mixing;

The sealant extrusion nozzle made of special elastic material makes the manufacturing of insulating glass more convenient, simple and beautiful.