Manual Rotated Sealant Spreading Table
Type: LJZT02/LJTZ03

This LIJIANG Glass rotating sealant sealing table adopts forward and reverse rotation structure and can be operated freely. The whole equipment is made of welded square tubes with high strength and not easy to deform.The lifting, lowering and rotating foot valves are individually self-locking controlled to reduce misoperation. Insulating glass with different specifications can be operated flexibly and conveniently.

The rotating workbench is a special equipment for sealing insulating glass in horizontal position and used with a Two-component Rotated Sealant Spreading Table Equipment. The glass is placed on the rotating body, which is equipped with 4 retractable arms to support the glass. The size of the edge sealing is 500mm*500mm or 1500mm*2000mm. A workbench is specially designed to place small-sized glass, which is flexible and convenient to use. The glass is placed on the rotating workbench and the glass will be sucked by the suction cup. The rotation can be controlled arbitrarily by the foot switch, which is very convenient for sealant sealing. After the sealant is applied, step on the gas circuit foot switch, the suction cup releases the suction and the glass can be removed.