Intelligent Glass Storage and Sorting System
Type: LJ3000/Customized

The LIJIANG Glass intelligent glass storage and sorting system can be connected to most ERP software on the market. It can be used offline with automatic loading and unloading of films, or it can be connected to a insulating glass production line to form an automated connection. The equipment can automatically detect the glass size or directly read the code identifies the size of the glass and can be paired and sorted according to the size. It can pair and distinguish double glass, triple glass, quadruple glass, laminated glass, Low-E glass, frosted glass, coated glass, and other glasses. It can be divided into pieces according to customers. It can be divided into pieces according to the process card, and the process card can be printed after the pieces are placed.

  1. Solve the problem of difficult pairing of insulating glass: The process of matching insulating glass pieces requires a manual search for each piece of glass. Workers are easy to scratch and the efficiency is not high. At the same time, because the specifications of the original pieces of white glass and colored glass are different, optimization The order of cutting out is also different, confusing the placement of the shelves. The LIJIANG Glass film management cage system ensures that each frame of glass is produced in sequence according to the order of the process card, from large to small, small to large, through the mode of first temporarily storing and then outputting, and the pairing is by the intersecting order of white glass and colored glass in the process card. Completely consistent, the two frames of glass are completely supplied to the insulating glass production line.
  2. Increase the production capacity of insulating glass sheets: There is always glass in the grid frame and continuous uninterrupted production, and the production capacity of the insulating glass production line will be increased by 20% to 30%; the relevant information of the produced glass can also be transmitted to the insulating glass Frame sections on the production line, and then guide the frame sequence to ensure no errors;
  3. Automatic display of missing pieces and real-time statistics on order progress: The piece cage system is highly integrated with the ERP system of the glass deep processing factory. The glass in the system that does not pass through the frame cage is missing glass, and workers can promptly patch the pieces according to the system prompts.
  4. Glass processing workshops no longer need to label (varies from factory to factory), only process cards are needed: the film cage system comes with a glass size ruler that can be compared and identified or equipped with a laser reading code, and can be connected to a printer to print the glass Finished product label.
  5. Cooperate with the ERP management system and scan code operation management. The film sorting cage is based on a grid. When a film is missing, it will be displayed immediately, reducing labor and space. It is more convenient for workers to count pieces, and it is easier to hand over between production teams, which facilitates factory management.