High-speed Insulating Glass Butyl Extruder Coating Machine
Type: LJTB01/LJTB03D

The butyl extruder coating machine for insulating glass manufactured by LIJIANG Glass can quickly adjust the distance between the two coated heads to adapt to different specifications of aluminum spacer strips. It includes a frame and two independent sealant systems. Each sealant system includes a sealant extrusion cylinder and the sealant head is fixed relative to the sealant extrusion cylinder. The two sealant heads are juxtaposed with a certain distance to receive the aluminum spacer and apply butyl extruder coating on it. The frame is provided with a place for one of the coating systems to move The guide rail is used to adjust the distance between the two coated heads, and there is also a moving device that drives the coating system to move along the guide rail.

  • The LIJIANG Glass horizontal insulating glass butyl extruder coating machine is a special equipment for evenly applying hot-melt butyl extruder coating machine on both sides of the aluminum spacer frame. The operator needs to support the spacer frame. Other actions (pressure wheel, butyl extruder sealant application, butyl extruder sealant stop) are all controlled by the set program. Automatically completed, easy to operate, smooth, and reliable operation.
  • The operation panel is made of impermeable brushed steel, with a neat countertop and beautiful appearance.
  • It adopts an adjustable speed belt drive servo motor, which can be quickly adjusted and used by different operators.
  • The inner diameter of the sealant tank is 195mm and the length is 450mm. It is suitable for various specifications and models of butyl extruder sealant.
  • Using an advanced gas-liquid boosting system, the pressure is uniform and stable.
  • The butyl extruder coating machine is equipped with a photoelectric sensor switch and is controlled by a PLC control system, which can realize automatic sensing of aluminum spacer bars and only requires manual frame holding and synchronous belt holding.
  • The equipment can be turned on regularly within 24 hours, effectively improving work efficiency and saving preheating time.

Figure 1 LIJIANG Glass insulating glass butyl extruder coating machineFigure 1 LIJIANG Glass insulating glass butyl extruder coating machine