Automatic Multi-Storage Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine
Type: LJZW2020/LJZW2020N

The LIJIANG Glass high-precision insulating glass aluminum strips bending machine includes a transmission mechanism and a bending mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes a driving wheel, two fixed wheels and two transmission chains; the two fixed wheels are uploaded in the horizontal direction through a transmission chain dynamically connected; the driving wheel is drivingly connected to one of the fixed wheels through another transmission chain; the bending mechanism includes a rotatable pressure wheel and a height adjustment device; the pressure wheel and the two fixed wheels are located on the same vertical plane, and Located above the middle of the two fixed wheels; the height adjustment device is installed above the pressure wheel and adopts a screw structure to adjust the height of the pressure wheel with high precision.

  • Using PLC automatic control, loading, positioning, bending and cutting are formed in one go;
  • Automatic blanking, automatic splicing, automatic cutting, and automatic avoidance of aluminum strip corners;
  • Automatically and continuously connect aluminum bars, and intelligently judge the joints to prevent the generation of waste materials;
  • It can fold quadrilaterals, circles, trapezoids, arches, polygons and other heterosexual shapes;
  • Except for start and stop operations, all operations are completed on the touch screen;
  • The processing speed adopts intelligent automatic adjustment according to the size and specification;
  • Touch screen operation, the program has good interactive design and is easy to get started;
  • The latest programming methods and well-known components are used to ensure stable operation of the equipment.