Automatic Low-E Glass Film Removal Delecting Machine
Type: LJCM2030/LJCM2545/LJCM3370

Given the large number of coated glasses such as Low-E coated glass and solar control film used in the current insulating glass processing market, various films must be removed around the butyl-coated glass, otherwise the service life of the insulating glass will be affected. Generally speaking, mechanical removal of glass surface film is the first choice. The recommended parameters for the film removal wheel of LIJIANG Glass Automatic Low-E Glass Film Removal Delecting Machine are air pressure 0.8MPa ~ 1.2MPa, rotation speed 1800 ~ 1900 r/min;The grinding wheel is made of emery or stainless steel wire below 0.15mu (100 mesh). No traces remain on the surface after film removal. The development direction is to set up grinding wheels according to different film systems.

This equipment effectively solves the problem that the existing Low-E glass edge removal film is usually removed manually, which is prone to residue, inconsistent film removal depth, and uneven edges; secondly, a lot of irregular glass appears, and the existing film removal machine uses an operating table as the glass carrier, which makes it difficult for the film removal machine to remove film from glass with irregular edges.