Automatic Jumbo-size Double-filling and Double-plate Pressing Insulating Glass Production Line
Type: LJBZ3060/LJBZ3370

The LIJIANG Glass insulating glass double-filling and double-plate pressing production line, which includes a feeding section, a washing and drying section, a washing and discharging section, a storage section, an inspection and framing section, a flat pressing feeding section, an inflatable plate pressing section and a flat pressing discharging section. The inflatable plate pressing section includes a front moving plate, a rear fixed plate, left and right sealing plates, a conveyor belt and an inflating mechanism. The inflatable plate pressing section can inflate and press two pieces of glass less than 3 meters in length at the same time as needed, or press an extra large plate of glass.

  • The loading section is designed with independent transmission, the transmission speed can be adjusted, and it is equipped with a Low-E coating identifier;
  • The cleaning section is made of 304 food-grade impermeable steel material, with a double-layer bottom plate, and the outer shell is integrated with laser cutting and welding;
  • It has a water tank temperature control function, which can automatically cut off the power to prevent the water from drying out during heating, and is equipped with a circulating air filtration system;
  • All closing segments are driven by servo motors, and the thickness of the insulating glass closing segments is adjustable;
  • The pressure in the plate pressing section can be adjusted automatically. The plate pressure is divided into multiple sections. Each section can automatically match the pressing pressure according to the size of the insulating glass, and can be adjusted manually or automatically mechanically;
  • The plate pressing section adopts a soft-connected ball screw transmission structure with a stroke of up to 10 centimeters;
  • It can efficiently produce two-layer, three-layer, four-layer, and special-shaped insulating glass.

Figure 1 The LIJIANG Glass double-filling and double-plate pressing production lineFigure 1 The LIJIANG Glass double-filling and double-plate pressing production line