Automatic Insulating Glass Desiccant Filling Machine
Type: LJGZ2020D/LJGZ2020X/LJGZ2020S

The LIJIANG Glass insulating glass molecular sieve filling machine has a support frame fixedly installed in the middle of one side of the main body. A filling gun is fixed symmetrically above the support frame. A fixed seat is welded to the top and middle of the support frame. A fixed base is fixedly installed in the middle of the front end of the fixed base. The fixing frame has fixing slots in the middle of both sides of the fixing frame. An L-shaped push rod is movable inside the fixing slot. A movable pressure plate is installed on one side of the outer surface of the L-shaped push rod. This equipment prevents the filling gun from pushing the aluminum spacer up and down during filling, improves the overall stability of the aluminum spacer during filling, and thereby improves the overall filling efficiency of the aluminum spacer.

  • Molecular sieve is an essential desiccant for absorbing moist air in making aluminum frame insulating glass. In the process of insulating glass processing, it is very important to ensure that the molecular sieve does not absorb moisture in the air during storage and filling so that the molecular sieve can be effective for a long time.
  • The insulating glass molecular sieve adsorbent is mainly used to dry the air in the insulating glass interlayer to solve the problem of distortion and breakage of the insulating glass caused by the expansion and cold contraction of the ordinary insulating glass desiccant. It has anti-frost, clean, energy-saving, and environmental protection properties. function, thereby extending the service life of insulating glass.
  • This insulating glass molecular sieve filling machine can fill automatically bent aluminum frames and ordinary straight-inserted aluminum frames and can realize automatic drilling, filling, and sealing in the middle of the back of the aluminum strip.
  • The equipment adopts a PLC control system, and the human-machine interface is easy to operate. The filling height can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the aluminum frame; the unique molecular sieve feeding device can realize automatic feeding. Filling the molecular sieve under closed conditions solves the problem of water absorption failure of the molecular sieve desiccant and increases the service life of the insulating glass.