Engineer Dispatch Notice

The after-sales engineer will automatically assign the work order for on-site debugging and assembly according to the company's CRM system, and the work order information is clear and correct on the PC or Phone.


Notice for Customer

At the same time as the on-site commissioning and assembly work order is specified from the after-sales service team, the customer will be reminded of the installation and commissioning message at the first time.


Engineer On-site Installation

The after-service engineer will arrive at the site within 48 hours after the equipment arrives at the customer's workshop to debug and install the equipment, and the delivery time will not exceed 72 working hours.


Training the Workers

The after-service engineer will teach the maintenance skills and production operation of the series of automatic equipment on site, and be patient and responsible until they are taught and learned.


Training qualification Confirmation

The after-service engineer will sign the training confirmation letter with the customer to ensure that the equipment can be operated independently in the future without the assistance of our engineer.


Instant Messenger Communcation

The after-sales engineer will leave his own contact information such as Whats app/Skype/Line, and ensure 7*24 hours online answering the questions which were encountered during use.


Checking the Common Problems

The after-sales engineer team will summarize all the high-frequency installation and after-sales problems encountered, and feed them back to the production department for improvement and improvement. The lack of equipment will be the driving force for our improvement.


Customers Review and Feedback

The salesman staff and after-sales service technical engineers will conduct a video conference return visit or a phone calling visit every 3 months to actively solve the problems during the operation and maintenance of the equipment.