Our customers come to us with a number of custom machine-building needs, and our experts in machining operations have the knowledge, skills, and most advanced technology at their disposal to meet them. No matter the nature and scope of your project, we can handle any and all phases in which you need assistance, including:

  • Welding and fabricating of the base or frame
  • Machining of special component parts
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Procurement of raw materials and commercially available components
  • Secondary processes such as plating and anodizing
  • Painting and specialty finishing, including CARC coatings
  • Complete mechanical assembly
  • Plumbing of any associated pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Wiring of main control cabinets, including PLC wiring and operator stations
  • Debugging, testing and checkout
  • Final skidding, crating and shipping

Custom is the operative term in custom machine building. We know that our customers often require special machinery unique to their process, so at Astro Machine Works, our engineering support team spend time getting to know your unique needs and requirements so they can develop a truly custom solution. We pour the utmost care and attention to details that exceed your expectations. Once approved, our manufacturing and quality control teams use these final drawings to create high-quality, highly durable customized glass producing machine that will enhance your own glass processing business and its daily operations.

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You won’t find another provider of custom machine work that offers the same blend of experience, knowledge, results, and commitment to its customers. Through our 15+ years of service, we’ve worked on more than 1,000 customed machine-building projects for customers around the globe, delivering custom machine solutions and manufacturing as well as related services. Our focus is always the same: to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

We have the team and technology needed to deliver outstanding results — and we also have a deep desire needed to exceed your expectations. When custom machined parts are needed at your business, make sure you’re getting the best solutions when you choose LIJIANG Glass Machine.

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Think manufacturing is going away? Think again. Manufacturing is the ninth-largest economy in the world, and manufacturing capacity in our country is growing every day. Make sure you’re not falling behind or missing out on today’s opportunity. If your glass processing business needs custom machines to keep up with the trends and competition, we can deliver the insulating glass-producing solutions you need. We can make sure your vision for custom equipment becomes a reality.

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Custom-built machines can open up untapped production capabilities. Here are some other reasons why you might need custom-built machines:

  • The part you want to produce is not standard or has unique properties;
  • You need the capability to produce high-quality insulated glass on short notice;
  • The components you need are not available or expensive to order from other glass machine manufacturers or suppliers.

If you use custom automated machines, you’ll be able to address these issues and enjoy these benefits:

  • Higher efficiency: Custom machines can produce finished products faster, more accurately, and with minimal delays or interruptions.
  • Accuracy and precision: Automated custom machines eliminate the risk of human error caused by fatigue, distraction, or inexperience.
  • Better safety: Limiting the material handling stages of insulated glass production can protect employees from repetitive stress injuries, sharp or heavy objects, and long-term health risks from exposure to chemicals and aerosols.
  • Increased production: Because of their increased speed, custom-built machines allow your facility to scale up production and increase profits.
  • Enhanced quality and consistency: Custom-machined parts are virtually identical and closely follow the design file’s specifications for tolerances, surface finish, and other features.

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Day -270: Supplier & Product Development

Comceptual design develop prototype time & cost review for the new type of LIJIANG Glass Brand automatic insulating glass machine.


Day -150: Assembly Production Line Review & Business Review & Business Award

From Day -270 to Day -90 LIJIANG Glass will process the Assembly Production Line Development & IGUs Sample Design Review: *Regulatory and Safety to Produce Pieces of IGUs. *VOC CTQ Pat. *Benchmarking at PQEL. *Equipment Requirement. *Equipment Design Review. *Factory DAP Lab Assessment. *Value Engieering. *Protocol Development. *Engineering Verification.


Day -90: IGUs Sample Testing

LIJIANG Glass will Process the PPT(Pre-Purchase Testing) insulating glass sample submission. What is PPT: *PPT is a collection of tests conducted prior to a machine being purchased by LIJIANG Glass. PPT is required for: *All LIJIANG Glass Private Branded items. *LIJIANG Glass unbranded(irrespective of locale of manufacturing). *Nationally branded items imported by LIJIANG Glass.


Day -60: Equipment Approval

From Day -90 to Day -60 LIJIANG Glass will process the Pre-Purchase Test (PPT) Approval for New SKUs before Production Design Vertification Equipment Validation Testing.


Day -40: IR Approval

Finalize BOM & MFC Process: First Production From Day -60 to Day -40 LIJIANG Glass will process the Engineering Change Management (ECR) Approval for Existing SKUs before Production


Day -7: Passed IRN Release

From Day-40 to Day -7 LIJIANG Glass will process the Mass Production & Constant Quality Monitoring


Day 0: ESD

From Day -7 to Day 0 LIJIANG Glass will process the If rejected Rework QA CAPA QA Waiver.

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From simple designs to complex production and automation solutions, discover examples of features, details, and innovations of a LIJIANG Glass Custom Machine that give you a competitive advantage.

The machine bed of LIJIANG Glass automatic insulated glass processing equipment adopts stress relief annealing, also known as low-temperature annealing (or high-temperature tempering), to eliminate the residual stress of castings, forgings, welded parts, hot rolled parts, cold drawn parts, etc.

Stress annealing is an overall heat treatment process for equipment bed castings, which is a metal heat treatment process that changes its overall mechanical properties by heating cast iron flat plates, cast iron bent plates, or equipment bed castings as a whole, and then cooling them at an appropriate rate.

LIJIANG Glass will ensure that the stress-annealed steel will no longer deform or crack after a certain period, or during the subsequent cutting process.

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Some structural components of LIJIANG Glass automatic insulated glass processing equipment are sprayed by electrophoretic spraying. The electrophoretic coating has a high penetration rate and can be completely dissolved or emulsified in water. In the gap, the corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the inner cavity, weld seam and edge of the workpiece are significantly improved.

There is a big difference between electrophoretic spraying and ordinary spray paint. The painting process of the two is different. Electrophoretic spraying can save energy and cover hidden places. In addition, the products made by the electrophoresis spraying process are not prone to peeling or scratches after extrusion.

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The Steel Processing Department

Could use the mechanical force (shearing, sawing, grinding) to cut, and the corresponding machinery includes a shearing machine, sawing machine, grinder, etc., which is more suitable for linear cutting of steel plates or profiles with a thickness of 12-16 mm or less. Could use oxygen-acetylene, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, and other flames to heat and melt the metal, and use compressed air to blow off the molten metal, to separate the metal, which is suitable for curve cutting and multi-head cutting.

The Machining Department

The machining department from LIJAING Glass, is equipped with precision machines such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, inner and outer circles, fast/slow wire feeders, and CNC machining centers, as well as auxiliary processing equipment such as sandblasting machines and roller mills, with a machining accuracy of 0.002 mm. The testing equipment is equipped with high-precision testing instruments such as projectors, altimeters, and micrometers, with a testing accuracy of 0.001 mm.

The Mechanical Components Assembly Team

LIJIANG Glass is equipped with an assembly team composed of many years of experience. Before assembly, it will be familiar with the drawings many times, and the size, quality, and cleanliness of the parts will be checked, the matching accuracy will be checked。 After the general assembly, the equipment is put into trial operation, the problems that occur during the trial operation are adjusted in time, and finally, the equipment is protected by anti-corrosion and painting.

The Electrical Circuit Assembly Team

LIJIANG Glass has a years+ experience in electrical distribution cabinets. The assembly first arranges the electrical components: circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, current transformers, terminal blocks, etc., Finally, it is checked and confirmed, and the power transmission test is correct to ensure that the equipment can be powered on normally before leaving the factory.

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