Enterprise mission
Jinan LIJIANG Glass developed a fully automatic argon-filled vertical plate-pressed insulating glass production line in 2015 and 2016 in cooperation with James Gao, a Ph. The plate-pressed insulating glass production line has successfully entered the third-largest double-glazed freezer manufacturer in Brazil and the top three high-speed rail train window glass production plants in India.

Jinan LIJIANG Glass developed the first automatic domestic double-argon-filled insulating glass production line in 2018, filling the gap in China that cannot inflate two pieces of insulating glass at the same time, and successfully entered the American market that year.

Jinan LIJIANG Glass developed a automatic air-floating insulating glass production line in 2019, which effectively improved the production quality of insulating glass and ensured trace-free production during glass deep processing.

The enterprise's mission has always been to make glass processing easier and smarter...

Survived for more than 100 years

The Jinan LIJIANG Glass enterprise has survived for more than 100 years, the enterprise does not seek the pursue expansion too quickly, seek refinement, seek expertise, seek excellence...


Deeply cultivate the glass deep processing industry

Deeply cultivate the glass deep processing machinery and equipment industry to achieve high cost performance and specialization in this industry...


Serving 10,000+ customers

As of 2021, Jinan LIJIANG Glass has served nearly 2000+ glass deep processing companies worldwide, and in the future, we will serving 10,000+ customers worldwide by 2030...


Customers first

Customers first, employees second, shareholders third.


Take the initiative

To be a pioneering, enterprising and daring to lead Jinan LIJIANG employee.


Have the courage to take responsibility

To be Jinan LIJIANG employee who must fulfill their working mission.


Simple because of trust

Be a honest and trustworthy Jinan LIJIANG employee


Work happily, live seriously

Be an optimistic and positive Jinan LIJIANG employee.

 Years Service Experience

1000+ Business-to-Business or Business-to-Customers Service Experience

 Professional Solution Designer

Professional Solution Designer for Glass Processing Industry

 Marketing analysis support

Provide marketing analysis supported by data, get free business consulation

 One-stop Service

One-stop Service: industrial grade scanning + programming graphics + glass produce proofing.

 Promote your business.

Experience comprehensive ways to enhance and promote your local agent's business.

 Deep-develop business negotation

Deep-develop business negotation, could calculate the profit from per piece of insulating glass.

In the process of production and assembly, Jinan LIJIANG Glass only selects internationally renowned brands of electrical and control system parts as suppliers, using Germany Siemens PLC control systems, Germany Schneider Electric system, Japanese Yaskawa servo controllers, and British TRIO systems to ensure the stability and accuracy of equipment operation...
The Famous Brands of Equipment Accessories
The factory workshop of Jinan LIJIANG Glass implements the ISO9000 quality system certification stanard, adopts 6S-SEIRI, SEITION, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY workshop management system, achieves display board management and fixed management is placed in an orderly manner. It is also equipped with an intelligent ERP work order system, implemented in each workshop assembly team, to achieve the visualization and precision of workshop management.
The Intelligence and Professional Technical Team

Machining Department

Independently set up a machining department, and could design and produce customized types of machanical parts by themselves to ensure hign precision and long durability of all equipment.

ERP production management system

The production department adopts an advanced ERP production management system, the production progress is visualized, the production process is scaled, and the assembly production of each piece of equipment is quantified.

Steel forging andprocessing department

Independently set up steel forging and processing department, and can design and produce the customized type of equipment mechanical structure by itself to ensure more stable equipment operation.

Technical department

Set up a technical department, invest the company's overall profit every year to research and upgrade equipment, and match the real needs of customers for the first time.

ODM or OEM capabilities

With ODM or OEM capabilities, large-scale equipment such as insulating glass production lines and Low-E glass film removal machines can be customized according to the space requirements of the customer's the production and processing workshops.

Foreign inernational trade export department.

Independently establish a foreign trade export department, improve a variety of trade payment methods, have customized delivery capabilities of DDU and DDP, and support agent dealers OA credit sales / LC letter of credit / DP factoring acceptance and other delayed payment methods.

7*24 hours respond

The sales assistant is stationed in the factory in real-time, to follow up the customer's production order situation at the first time, and the special person is dedicated to following the order, and the equipment is sold 7*24 hours to respond as soon as possible.

Years experience of sales team

The sales team has many years of experience in overseas sales expansion, with sales footprints covering all continents of the world, in-depth glass deep-processing workshops to explore on-site requirements, and every customer's demand is our motivation for the pursuit of excellence.

The support of multiple sales channels

The support of multiple sales channels and complete sales tools are convenient for traders and importers to quickly start their business expansion in the local market.

The triangular team structure

The business-technical-after-sales triangular team structure brings customers the experience of pre-sales - sales - after-sales all-around high-quality service.

Could individually design solutions

Could individually design solutions for the glass deep processing industry. Nearly 30+ models with different configurations can be selected and matched at will by customers to efficiently match customer customized needs.

Establish a unique brand service

Cooperate with internationally renowned glass deep-processing companies such as Austria Lisec and Germany Bystronic, and establish a unique brand service and product extension awareness.
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