In the past, I always thought that the news was nothing interesting and boring, especially the news about glass deep processing. The daily glass processing inventory rate will often fluctuate up and down, and I don't pay much attention to it. However, after watching the international marketing news provided by LIJIANG Glass for a few minutes yesterday, I unconsciously changed my opinion on the glass news. The news not only increased my knowledge and broadened my career, but also allowed me to learn about it without leaving home. The development of glass deep processing industry in various countries and regions around the world. 

Eric Warmouth
Eric WarmouthA glass processing practitioners from SerbianNews on Glass Deep-processing

 Today I learned through the online news section of LIJIANG Glass that an employee of a glass processing company accidentally hurt his fingers by the edge of the glass while operating a glass cutting machine, because the rescue was timely and life-threatening. Through this news, I learned that automated equipment can serve us, but it can also harm us if it is not used carefully. The glass cutting machine independently developed by LIJIANG Glass is fully aware that glass cutting may cause harm to the human body, so the touch pause system is specially designed according to artificial mechanics, effectively reduces damage... 

MadisonAn Automatic Glass Cutting Machine Operator and UserNews on Glass Deep-processing

 Through the glass news of LIJIANG Glass, I learned about the application of various new types of glass in daily life: For example, wire mesh anti-theft glass has a layer of extremely fine wire mesh inside. The wire mesh is powered on and connected to an automatic alarm. The suspect cut through the glass and touched the wire mesh, and the alarm sounded; Wired glass, even if it is shattered, the fragments are still stuck together and will not hurt people; Color-changing glass will change the shade of color with the intensity of sunlight and adjust the light in the room, so people call this kind of glass "automatic curtain". 

Amy Warmouth
Amy WarmouthA loyal subscriber to Glass Processing NewsNews on Glass Deep-processing