Mr. Vikram
After-sales Engineer Servicer

As an After-sales technical engineer, you must not only master professional technical knowledge, but also have strong problem sensitivity and analytical capabilities...The ability of after-sales technical engineers will directly affect the quality of after-sales technical services.

As an after-sales technical engineer, you must not only understand the technical performance and principles of the product, be able to answer customers' professional questions, but also eliminate customers' doubts about purchasing the company's products, and enhance customers' confidence in the superior performance of the company's products.

The Job Responsibilities of After-sales Engineer Servicer

  • According to the company's equipment after-sales service management requirements, implement internal inspections of equipment installation and commissioning, and strictly control the quality of equipment delivery.
  • After the equipment is delivered and implemented, take over the after-sales maintenance work of the project, and regularly conduct training, inspection, testing, maintenance and other work on the equipment that has been put into operation in accordance with the company's after-sales service procedures and specifications.
  • Proactively communicate with customers, listen to their suggestions and opinions, eliminate equipment failures in time, and ensure the safe, efficient and stable operation of equipment.
  • Instruct and train customers to use the company's products correctly, and improve their troubleshooting and emergency response capabilities;
  • Debug the CNC system of the equipment, aim at customer satisfaction, improve the overall work efficiency of the equipment, and lay the foundation for improving the energy efficiency of the system;
  • For equipment commissioning projects whose warranty period is about to end, actively communicate with customers and sign paid maintenance contracts.