Mr. Mohit
After-sales Technical Engineer

After-sales technical engineers directly affect the quality of after-sales technical services, thereby affecting the credibility of the company, and their status is very important. Because the profession of after-sales technical engineer requires excellent technical skills, as well as good problem analysis and problem-solving abilities.

The Job Responsibilities of After-sales Technical Engineer

  • Responsible for product technical support, timely response to customer questions, consultation and answer, remote and on-site technical guidance.
  • Analyze and solve after-sales problems and provide fundamental solutions
  • Regularly analyze the problems that have been solved, and put forward system improvement suggestions and solutions.
  • Collect and sort out customer problems, and feed them back to sales/products/R&D/testing teams.
  • Pre-sales technical work support, technical communication with customers, after-sales service process formulation, etc.
  • Continuously optimize the after-sales work process, put forward suggestions for improvement, and provide solutions to user problems.