Exhibitions & Business Meetings

Your Benefits:

1. We will provide professional exhibition guidance and suggestions for agents, distributors, and other local sales networks. After becoming our company's regional agent, we will send a salesperson with many years of business experience and many years of after-sales service experience at each exhibition. Of technical personnel assisted in the exhibition, providing technical guidance and business support;

2. We will provide end-users with on-site support services at the exhibition, such as short video connections, mobile device live broadcasts, etc. so that end-users far away can understand the advantages of the equipment and the actual use of the equipment at close range. Our main exhibiting equipment will include an automatic insulating glass production line, automatic butyl rubber coating machine, Automatic Aluminum Spacer Bar Bending Machine, molecular sieve desiccant filling machine, etc. The booth space is large and the layout is flexible. It only takes a few minutes to make a piece on site. Insulating glass to your satisfaction.