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The Construction Technology and Technical Scheme of Insulating Glass Curtain Wall

1. Construction Preparation

The pre-construction preparation work belongs to the preliminary stage of the project. The quality of the preparation work is that it has a great impact on the construction of the project. As a project manager, the technical data, tools, materials, personnel, machinery and temporary facilities of the project should well prepared.

The building of insulating glass curtain wall 1

The building of insulating glass curtain wall 1

2. The Scope of Content Prepared before Construction

a. Understand the general situation of the construction site, be familiar with the relevant situation of the construction unit, Party A, and supervision company, and be familiar with the construction water source, power supply, vertical transportation, external scaffolding, etc.

b. Preparation of technical data: First, prepare the drawings, be fully familiar with the drawings, ask questions and understand the unclear and difficult places, and also need to prepare the relevant atlases, quality acceptance standards, safety indicators, various required forms, and Information required for the complete acceptance of the project.

c. Tools and equipment preparation: propose a supply plan for the required tools and equipment, specific to the model, quantity, supply time, etc., and submit the plan to the warehouse, finance, purchasing, and other departments to jointly prepare the tools and equipment.

d. Material preparation: According to the drawings and engineering conditions, make a detailed material ordering supply plan, and arrange the supply time of all materials according to the construction schedule.

e. Personnel preparation: The personnel arrangement should also list a detailed preparation plan; including the types of work, the number of people in each type of work, and the time of arrival, try to implement them as far as possible and clarify responsibilities.

f. Management focuses: various preparations must be implemented, not superficial. The preparatory work is carried out to people, and at the same time, the responsibilities of specific people are clearly defined. All preparations are responsible for signing and responsible.

The building of insulating glass curtain wall 2

The building of insulating glass curtain wall 2

3. The Description of Insulating Glass Curtain Wall Installation Process

A. The Processing Flow: 

familiar with drawings and technical explanations→familiar with construction site→post-embedded parts construction→connecting installation→vertical beam installation→beam angle code positioning drilling→beam installation→fire partition board installation and fireproof cotton installation→hollow glass plate Installation→Inject weather-resistant sealant→Clean and finish.

B. The Post-embedded Parts:

The pre-embedded parts of this project are constructed together with the main body. If the original main body construction unit has missing-embedded iron parts, post-embedded parts can be used in the consolidation plan. Post-embedded parts are one of the components that connect the curtain wall and the main structure. The quality of iron production and installation directly affects the connection function of the curtain wall and the main structure. The accuracy of its installation also directly affects the accuracy and appearance of the curtain wall construction. The quality is good or bad, so as the first job of curtain wall construction, it directly affects its production and installation.The construction, installation, and overall effect of the entire curtain wall are important factors.The embedded parts of this project adopt 10mm steel plate, steel plate specification h×w, 200×320, four M12×110 expansion bolts, placed diagonally.

1). Buried parts after preset: 

According to the division position confirmed by the re-inspection, first preset the post-embedded parts to their respective positions. The purpose of the preset is to check whether the embedded parts are in conflict with the steel bars in the main structure when the embedded parts are installed and to see if there is any difficulty or need to be fixed. Deal with the situation that can be fixed.

2). Accurate positioning of post-embedded parts: 

For accurate positioning of the post-embedded parts, the three-dimensional error of the embedded parts (X-direction 20, Y-direction 10, Z-direction 10) must be controlled. Errors cannot be accumulated during actual accurate positioning. After the positioning is accurate, the holes of the embedded parts Mark the position and fix it with four M12×110 expansion bolts after drilling.

3). Construction quality assessment of post-embedded parts:

The post-embedded parts belong to the construction of concealed engineering, and the quality acceptance of the fixed parts must be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the concealed engineering acceptance, mainly in the following aspects:

·Check whether the positioning is accurate.· Whether it is fixed and firm.·Whether the welding meets the requirements.

  • Whether it will affect other projects.
  • Whether the materials used are qualified.
  • Whether the information has been sorted out.

Data sorting: It should be sorted at any time along with the construction progress of the project. After the inspection and acceptance, Party A shall send a representative for acceptance and signature. Claim;

  • The scope of concealed acceptance is all projects.
  • The content should include semi-finished products, material quality, and installation quality.
  • The date, construction personnel, and quality personnel must be marked.
  • Clearly indicate the construction level, construction section, and axis position.
  • Draw detailed drawings.
  • Concealed acceptance records are complete and kept intact.
The processing of drawing details confirm 1

The processing of drawing details confirm 1

4). Connection installation.

a. There are many types of connectors, but there are generally two types: one is a single-piece type; the other is a combined type. For each project, it is possible to use both types of connectors at the same time. But no matter which type, its function is to connect the curtain wall to the main structure, so the installation quality of the connecting piece will directly affect the structural installation quality of the curtain wall.

b. The connection parts of this project are 140× 100× 90× 8mm and 110× 100× 70× 6mm two types of single-piece connectors. Before installation, check whether the connectors meet the requirements and whether they are qualified products. Hot-dip galvanized Whether it is carried out according to the standard and whether the hole meets the product standard.

c. Seek approved embedded parts. 

The function of the embedded parts is to fix the connecting parts and connect the curtain wall structure with the main concrete structure. Therefore, the pre-embedded parts must be searched first when installing the connectors, and only the pre-embedded parts can be accurately installed.

d. Contrast with vertical beam vertical. 

The centerline of the vertical beam is also the centerline of the connector, so pay attention to the position of the connector during installation, and the deviation is less than 2mm.

e. Pull the horizontal line to control the level and depth. Although the level of the pre-embedded parts has been controlled during the installation, the horizontal line must be pulled to control the level and depth of the connection parts to ensure that the installation of the connection parts is accurate.

f. Acceptance inspection. Check the construction quality of the initial fixed connectors one by one according to the level, mainly checking the three-dimensional space error, and the error must be controlled within the error range. The construction control range of three-dimensional space error is that the vertical error is less than 2mm, the horizontal error is less than 2mm, and the depth error is less than 3mm.

g. Bolt fixed. Fasten the qualified connectors, that is, fasten two M12×100mm stainless steel bolts. After fastening, check the left and right in and out of the connectors, and the verticality should meet the requirements of the construction specification.

h. acceptance. For the fastened connections, the on-site management personnel shall check and accept them one by one, and rework and improve the unqualified parts until the requirements are met.

i. Anti-corrosion. The connection parts have also undergone anti-corrosion treatment (galvanized anti-corrosion) during processing in the workshop, which will damage the anti-corrosion treatment, so the anti-corrosion treatment is still required. 

The specific treatment method is as follows: clean up the welding slag. Apply anti-rust paint. Brush the protective topcoat, and use the fire-resistant paint when required for fire protection., But due to spot welding stainless steel screw K, construction quality assessment of joints: Error control in three dimensions.Quality control of warpage and distortion of the connector itself.The length of the weld and the quality of the weld.Anti-corrosion treatment of iron parts.

The building of insulating glass curtain wall 3

The building of insulating glass curtain wall 3

5). Vertical beam installation

a. Vertical beam installation plays a very important role in the installation of all curtain walls due to its large amount of work, inconvenient construction, and high precision requirements. If the vertical beams are installed, the progress of the entire project is easier to control, so this work must be paid extra attention both in technology and management.

b. Check the type and specifications of the vertical beams; be familiar with the drawings before installation, and at the same time be familiar with the ordering drawings, and accurately understand which vertical beams are used in each part, and avoid wearing them. 

The inspection includes the following aspects:

①Whether the color is correct and whether the oxide film meets the requirements:

②Whether the section conforms to the design (including section height, angle, wall thickness, etc.)

③Whether the length meets the requirements (whether 20mm deformation seam is deducted).

c. Check in place: Transport the vertical beam to be installed to the designated location according to the operation plan, and pay attention to the protection of its surface.

d. Vertical beam installation is generally carried out from bottom to top, with the end with the core sleeve facing upward. Fix the upper end of the first vertical beam according to the overhanging member, and fix the lower end after adjustment; the second vertical beam aligns the lower end with the core sleeve at the upper end of the first vertical beam to force the second vertical beam, and retain 20mm Expansion joints, then hang the wire or align the upper end of the beam, and then install it upward.

e. After the vertical beam is installed, measure the positioning line against the previous process and make initial adjustments to the three-dimensional direction to maintain the error. After the installation is completed, the next process is fully adjusted.

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