The design scheme of the automated insulating glass production line

1. Choose a reasonable means of transportation

The means of transport generally refer to conveyor belts or other glass loading equipment. Calculate the speed and length of the conveyor belt or other glass loading equipment according to the product interval length and the actual situation. Jinan LIJIANG Glass could realize the functions of automatic transfer, storage, and sheet sorting, and the entire processing production line does not need manual handling of glass production.

2. Production line layout

The graphic design of the production line should ensure that the transportation route of the parts is the shortest, the production workers are easy to operate, the auxiliary service department is convenient to work, the production area is used most effectively, and the interconnection between the production lines is considered. The position of the production line involves the relationship between the various production lines. It should be arranged according to the order required for the assembly of the processing components. The overall layout should consider the flow of materials, thereby shortening the route and reducing the workload of transportation.

3. Develop a production line standard plan

According to the glass deep processing plan from Jinan LIJIANG Glass, each work station is repeatedly produced according to a certain rhythm, and the standard plan instruction chart of the production line can be customized to show the production line production schedule standard, work system, and work procedure, etc. Provide a basis for the preparation of production operation plans.

4. Determine the production line beat

The beat of the production line is the time interval between the sequential production of two identical products, which can indicate the productivity of the production line and is the most important working parameter of the production line.

When the size of the glass processed on the production line is small and the cycle time is only a few seconds or tens of seconds, the parts will be transported in batches. At this time, the time interval between the production of two batches of the same product is called the rhythm, which is equal to the cycle time and transportation. The product of batches. When the production line adopts batch transportation of products, if the batch is large, although the transportation work can be simplified, the product occupancy of the production line will increase accordingly.

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User Value

1. Cost saving: Compared with the enterprise OA production order system, using the insulating glass deep processing equipment independently developed and produced by Jinan LIJIANG Glass, users do not need to build and maintain a new OA order production system to connect with Jinan LIJIANG Glass equipment, It saves software investment such as OA order production system, and can realize interconnection only by connecting terminal equipment anywhere the network extends.

2. Wide coverage: The client terminal can walk through the entire production workshop. By connecting to the private network of the OA production order system built by the customer, the customer can freely mobilize and use the equipment that is also connected to the OA production order system platform to expand the automated production and processing capacity of the user's factory.

3. Support the interconnection of various types of terminal equipment: users can use the original glass deep processing terminal equipment, including the insulating glass processing terminal equipment of well-known brands like Bystronic and Lisec, as well as the insulating glass processing terminal equipment based on CNC or industrial computer, can be compatible with PLC, CNC and Mach, and other digital control.

4. Provide one-stop service: provide overall services such as equipment use consultation, pre-sales, installation and commissioning, maintenance, localized after-sales support in key global regions, and make full use of the long-term operation and maintenance personnel hired by local agents and dealers to provide services. Reduce service costs and improve the response speed.

Insulating Glass Digitization Producing Solution
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