Jinan LIJIANG Glass established an independent international trading company--Jinan Kation International Trading Co., Ltd. This international trading company’s main business includes the overseas sales of glass deep-processing equipment such as the fully automatic vertical insulating glass production line produced by Jinan LIJIANG Glass, and the overseas sales of the insulating glass processing accessories, overseas business receipts and remittances, pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales, and other customer services, preparation of manifests and invoices before shipment, customs clearance and docking, etc., to facilitate the expansion of overseas sales.

Jinan Kation International Trading Co., Ltd. has established a separate overseas technical team, which is composed of after-sales technical engineers with many years of experience in the glass deep processing industry. They all graduated from well-known domestic universities in China. They have worked for leading companies in Lisec, Bystronic, and other industries. They have rich experience in overseas after-sales maintenance. There are no obstacles to language communication, providing end customers with the first technical response within 24 hours of after-sales problems, and the first time to arrive at the customer’s workshop site within 7 days from all around the world. It can also provide the regional exclusive agent of Jinan LIJIANG Glass with technical support courses. Teaching and equipment after-sales maintenance training, providing equipment maintenance life cycle management and all-around technical support.

Jinan Kation International Trading Co., Ltd. also set up a separate overseas after-sales support team, with many years of service experience in docking overseas customers, familiar with more than a thousand kinds of accessories on a variety of insulating glass production equipment, and responsible for the first time docking with factory workshop departments and spare parts. The warehousing department provides service support for the replacement of original parts of the equipment.

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