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The well-known enterprise operates Inari and husband Division divides the enterprise as a "small collective", so that each employee is the protagonist of the platform's platform. All employees participate in the development actions of the enterprise, create collective cohesion, and rely on the wisdom and efforts of all employees. Complete the business goals of the enterprise and make the enterprise develop rapidly. Taking the production team as an example, as the basic organization and management department of the insulated glass deep processing production company, the team system has also been constantly updating and developing new team management methods. With the increase of the attention of team management, glass deep processing companies will focus on the improvement of research team management experience, which has become one of the most popular topics at the moment.

1. The reform background of a insulated glass deep processing team

An insulated glass deep processing Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. The company specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of cutting glass-edge grinding glass -insulating glass products. In the early days of the establishment of the company, with the expansion of business scope and fierce market competition, the company's original management methods had several disadvantages. Due to the increase in the number of enterprise employees, human resources management issues are becoming increasingly prominent. Since the establishment of an enterprise, the original employee management model is still used. Today, with economic globalization, it is far from the pace of the times and has formed a bottleneck for the further development of the company. The company realized through many visits and investigations that human resources are fundamental and key to improving corporate competitiveness. Because the original management model pays more attention to the company's development goals and does not consider the personal development of employees, this seriously affects the enthusiasm and creativity of enterprise employees, which leads to the deterioration of enterprise efficiency. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a new management model that is compatible with the level of enterprise development.

An insulated glass deep processing Co., Ltd. has six insulated glass automation processing lines. The deep-processing process of insulated glass is divided into glass panels and back panels. The process of the glass panel is grinding, coating, and tempered; the process of the back panel is machining, tempering, and insulated glass processing. Among them, the grinding and punching records are the grinding section; the coating is recorded as the coating segment.

Figure 1 The tempering glass production line furnace 1

Figure 1 The tempering glass production line furnace 1

The company's insulated glass processing production line is in "2+1" mode, namely two grinding lines (one milling line includes long and short -border grinders), two coating machines, one tempering glass furnace, and a automatic insulated glass production lineWhat kind of production line is more suitable for the team leader system management, click here to learn more. There are about 2 people in each process during the team, 1 main operation, and 1 general worker. Each section (glass grinding section, glass coating section, glass tempering section, and insulated processing section) each squad leader. The manager of duty manager is in charge of the squad leader, and the squad leader has governed their respective employees. The company implements a three-shift policy, that is, there are 3 duty managers and 9 squad leaders in deep processing.

2. The disadvantage of the production line team leader system

2.1 Team employees lack a competitive mechanism

The so-called "things are competitive, and the survival of the fittest", especially in the market economy today, competition can urge people to advance, and competition can be successful. Competition has a dual role of cruelty and incentives. If there is no competition, the market will become indifferent. At present, the team's employees lack a competitive mechanism, have not formed a sense of competition, and do not think about progress, so the team's work stays on the surface, which has largely restricted the team management functions.

2.2 The segments of each worker are not twisted into a rope

The lack of counseling in the production management process also led to the phenomenon of unsatisfactory communication and unjust relationships inside the team. The cohesion of the team, the production efficiency of the team is not improved, and the team management level is relatively low. The squad leader does not have enough assistance to the other segments; the company lacks centripetal force and cohesion between several production teams. Some squad leaders are not high in quality and cultivation, and they cannot listen to the opinions of employees; the people are scattered and overdone between the teams, they do not enter their minds and combat effectiveness, and lack a common goal (sprint glass processing capacity). This team that lacks common goals and has no team consciousness determines that it can only be a team that can only be in the rich and rich, and the result is often the hind legs of the deep processing workshop of the dragging glass. When the device fails to stop the device, the rest is rarely helped, which delays the production time.

2.3 The squad leader is exhausted

In the past, the company had only 4 lines, which increased to 6 lines, that is, the pressure on each squad leader increased. Taking the grinding squad leader as an example, each processing line has 4 grinders and 6 lines of 24 grinders. When two milling machines are damaged or need to be replaced, they can only stop one grinding wire. This delays the production time.

Figure 2 The production line team leader system from the insulated glass manufacturer enterprise 1

Figure 2 The production line team leader system from the insulated glass manufacturer enterprise 1

3. The overall introduction and advantage of the production line team leader system

3.1 The production line team leader system staff preparation

The personnel of each process are unchanged, the original monitor becomes the team leader, and then competes from the main exercise to select the team leader. The competition has created a fair competition for those who do not meet and have no chance of showing their talents. This "ability-first" selection and employment mechanism not only provides employees with room for development but also injects vitality and vitality into the development of the enterprise.

3.2 The role of production line team leader system in production management

The team is the smallest production unit of the enterprise. Line-length management is the basis of enterprise management. It also includes service products. Therefore, the line length has three important functions:

  1. The production line team leader system affects the implementation of the company's production decision-making because no matter how good the decision is if the executor is not capable, it is difficult to implement the decision. Therefore, the line length affects the implementation of decision-making and the final implementation of the target profit of corporate targets.
  2. The team leader is not only a bridge inheritance but also a link between employees to contact leaders.
  3. The production line team leader system is the direct organizer and the worker of the production, so the team leader should be both technical backbones and business multi-faceted hands.

3.3 The responsibility of production line team leader system in production management

Comprehensively organize, coordinate, and maintain the production of this class line, according to the production plan of the production line of each team, to ensure the completion of the production tasks by organizing the personnel of the sequences of this team. It is the first responsibility for the safety production of this team, which is responsible for the "6S" factory on-site management of this line What is 6S-Factory-Management-Policy, click here to learn moreand is responsible for the production capacity and quality of this team. 

Specific responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the planning of this class and organize implementation;
  2. Responsible for organizing this team personnel to implement production tasks following the plan, safety first to ensure the production capacity and quality of the class;
  3. Guide, supervise, and check the production operation arrangements and management of this team, and organize the statistics and analysis of various production data;
  4. Responsible for the command and control of the entire production process, ensuring the continuity and stability of production operations, and reaching various quality, cost, and intersection indicators;
  5. Supervise and inspect the implementation of the quality inspection system during the production process, do a good job of communicating, communicating and improving with engineers;
  6. Responsible for the control and management of the production cost and labor costs of this team. Under the circumstances of stable quality, various production costs are constantly reduced;
  7. Assist the manager on duty to cooperate with relevant departments to apply for new technologies, new processes, and new equipment to increase the labor yield;
  8. Responsible for organizing the implementation and inspection of the "6S" management activities of each production line to implement safety production;
  9. Responsible for the management, transfer, transfer, promotion, overtime approval, leave, resignation, dismissal, etc. within the scope of duties;
  10. Formulate an annual training plan according to the characteristics of the department, organize personnel to conduct training;
  11. Responsible for organizing the production equipment, production tools of various production lines, and formulating maintenance plans following equipment management, and organizing maintenance work;
  12. Presides the routine meeting of the handover meeting of the relevant class, and supervises the early and regular meetings of each production line;
  13. The distribution, training, guidance, supervision, inspection, and assessment of the staff of the subordinates of this line;
  14. Confirm the completion of the production plan on the day. After the adjustment and processing, the planned task must be completed in time with the leaders and the next class staff.

3.4 The advantage of the production line team leader system

The competition formed between the team leader of each team, inspiring the passion of the workers. The daily production capacity of each team will be displayed in the living-chat group. The leaders will ask the reason why the group is small in long output, counsel the poor place, and praise well. The monthly capacity of each team is divided according to a certain proportion, which greatly stimulates the employee and team leader, making the team leader and employee passion and fullness, and work very hard to work.

One team production goals are the same, vertical management. Production personnel communicates smoother, and the team leader is responsible for the production capacity and finished product rate of each team. When there is a process and equipment failure, the line length as the commander can mobilize the remaining processes to help, and it will also help it, which greatly reduces the stop time. For example, when without the team leader system is made of the screen, a broken glass is replaced by about 0.5 h, and a broken glass is replaced by 10 min when adopts the team leader system.

Figure 3 The production line team leader system -- Effective increase production capacity

Figure 3 The production line team leader system -- Effective increase production capacity

The team leader is dedicated to one group and is more familiar with the situation of a team. Familiarity and understanding of equipment and personnel responsible for the secondary are also facilitated in faults with high management and processing frequency. Such as the setting of parking spaces when the production of large-sized glass and small-sized glass, and the tempered process of different types of glass. The speed of dealing with the problem in this way has accelerated, and the finished product rate and production capacity have been stable. The average monthly production capacity of each team when the team system is selected to compare the average monthly capacity of each class and the finished product rate, as shown in Table 1. 

Table 1 Implement the yield and the yield of each shift before and after the team leader system

Without team-leader system production capacity / ㎡Without team-leader system product rate / %Adopt team-leader system production capacity / ㎡Adopt team-leader system product rate / %
Group 110776.792.212381.3094.72
Group 210706.387.512007.7394.62

It can be seen from Table 1 that with the implementation of the team leader system, the average daily production capacity and the daily average finished product rate increased significantly.

4. Conclusion

Some lines of the production line team leader system have effectively opened up the joints of various segments of insulated glass deep processing manufacturers and suppliers. The communication and collaboration of each process are strengthened, and the processing is the time when there is a problem.

Effectively reduce the number of equipment shutdowns and bad products. Stimulated the enthusiasm of employees and further released production capacity.

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